Premier of “Mallory” the Movie is Available to View for Limited Time


MORRIS COUNTY — Recently, the public had the opportunity to view the movie, Mallory, which is the story of Mallory Grossman, 12, a student from Rockaway Township, who fell victim to suicide after being bullied for nine months.

The film that launched Friday evening is the story of Mallory’s parents and their journey post the devastating tragedy. There are interviews and home movie clips included throughout the film. The film has a rental fee of $22.00, which covers the cost of licensing and logistics. The movie will be available for viewing for nine days.

Mallory Rose Grossman was an all-American 12-year-old girl who loved gymnastics, cheerleading, and all things outdoors. Her love for her friends, family, and helping others was beyond measure and she showed her charitable spirit every day. Sadly, on June 14, 2017, Mallory took her own life after months of relentless bullying at school and online.

Mallory’s school failed to stop the bullying and would remove her from class to distance her from the abuse, only isolating her further. In one instance the Vice Principal and guidance counselor made her “hug it out” with the aggressors. Frustrated by the lack of change, the family discussed changing schools but since there were only a few weeks left in the school year they decided that Mallory would simply finish out at her current school and begin the next year anew. A decision that changed their family forever.

On the last day of Mallory’s life, the family attended a 3-hour meeting where the principal dismissed the acts of cruelty and used the analogy that this was merely a game, handed her a poker chip, and asked if she “was all-in”. Mallory and her parents returned home, vowed everything would be okay, and promised she did not have to return to school. Mallory was not even able to bring herself to make it through another day in this life. Her parents returned home from work to find that Mallory had taken her own way out.

Follow the story of the Grossman’s and their journey from losing Mallory through their subsequent fight to combat bullying, hold people accountable for their actions, and change the very way we see our fellow human beings.