Desai – Martin Holds “Meet and Greet”

PARSIPPANY — Danny Desai and Gary Martin, candidates for Parsippany-Troy Hills Township Council, hosted a successful “Meet and Greet” event at Elmas Turkish & Mediterranean Cuisine, attended by over 75 guests. 

Hemant Shah, a longtime friend, and supporter, played a pivotal role in organizing the successful “Meet and Greet” event hosted by Gary Martin and Danny Desai, candidates for Parsippany-Troy Hills Township Council. Gary Hemant Shah’s involvement ensured the smooth coordination and execution of the gathering, contributing to its overall success. Their dedication and commitment to the candidates were instrumental in creating an engaging and welcoming environment for the attendees, further strengthening the bond between the candidates and the community.
Gary Shah, a longtime friend and supporter, played a pivotal role in organizing the successful “Meet and Greet” event hosted by Gary Martin and Danny Desai, candidates for Parsippany-Troy Hills Township Council. Gary Hemant Shah’s involvement ensured the smooth coordination and execution of the gathering, contributing to its overall success. Their dedication and commitment to the candidates were instrumental in creating an engaging and welcoming environment for the attendees, further strengthening the bond between the candidates and the community.
Gary Martin and Danny Desai actively engaged with the guests at the “Meet and Greet” event, passionately sharing their views and discussing their perspectives on various important matters. They took the opportunity to communicate their visions for Parsippany-Troy Hills Township and listened attentively to the concerns and ideas expressed by the attendees. Through meaningful conversations and open dialogue, Gary and Danny fostered a deeper understanding of their platforms and demonstrated their commitment to addressing the needs and aspirations of the community. Their interactions with the guests reflected their dedication to public service and genuine interest in making a positive difference in the township.
During the “Meet and Greet” event, Gary Martin and Danny Desai engaged in meaningful conversations and open dialogue with the attendees, showcasing their dedication to public service and genuine interest in positively impacting the community. By actively listening to the guests’ concerns, ideas, and aspirations, Gary and Danny demonstrated their commitment to understanding the community’s needs and finding effective solutions. Their interactions fostered a deeper understanding of their platforms and highlighted their responsiveness and willingness to address the issues that matter most to the township residents. Through their genuine engagement, Gary and Danny showed their determination to serve the community and work towards a better future for all.
Danny Desai and Gary Martin, Parsippany-Troy Hills Township Council candidates, hosted a successful “Meet and Greet” event at Elmas Turkish & Mediterranean Cuisine, attended by over 75 guests.
The gathering allowed local residents to get acquainted with the candidates and engage in meaningful conversations.

The gathering allowed local residents to get acquainted with the candidates and engage in meaningful conversations. Gary Shah and Herant Shah, well-known community members, introduced Desai and Martin to the enthusiastic crowd, emphasizing their qualifications and dedication to serving the township. The event created a positive and engaging environment, fostering connections between the candidates and the community they aim to represent.


Unity Bank to Open New Branch in Lake Hiawatha

PARSIPPANY — Unity Bank, a community bank, is set to open a new full-service branch in Lake Hiawatha, marking its first location in Morris County and its third new retail banking site since December. The branch, located at 66 North Beverwyck Road, will bolster Unity Bank’s retail banking footprint to 21 branches across various New Jersey and Pennsylvania counties.

With its established business and residential lending programs in Morris County, the expansion of Unity Bank’s retail services aligns with its strategic growth plans. The bank aims to tap into the growing population and opportunities in Morris County, particularly in the residential mortgage lending sector. Unity Bank recognizes the enduring importance of branch-level banking services, especially for small business owners still relying on in-person banking services.

The Lake Hiawatha branch is scheduled to open in the summer, and Unity Bank is currently offering customer incentives for online account opening before the official launch of the retail location. Interested individuals can find more information about the promotion at

The new branch, previously operated by Blue Foundry Bank, spans 3,864 square feet and features dedicated parking spaces, drive-up banking, and ATM services. Unity Bank recently expanded into Fort Lee in Bergen County and Lakewood in Ocean County, further diversifying its presence. The bank currently holds around $2.5 billion in assets and $1.8 billion in deposits.

PHS Drunk Driving Awareness Assembly 2023

PARSIPPANY — On Thursday, May 25, Parsippany High School Students organized its 2023 Drunk Driving Awareness Assembly to promote safety and responsibility during prom season.

This program was created to help raise awareness about the dangers of drunk driving. Parsippany-Troy Hills law enforcement officials worked closely with school administrators, Parsippany Rescue and Recovery, Rockaway Neck Volunteer Ambulance Squad, Parsippany Volunteer Ambulance Squad, Parsippany Fire Department District 5 and Atlantic Air Medical Air One, and other community stakeholders to help raise student awareness against drunk driving, especially at this time of the year with upcoming prom and graduation celebrations.

The program is unique from year to year, which adds to the impact on the students.  The students created the video from beginning to end and take complete ownership of the project.  

The video was produced by Video on the Go.

Parsippany Commemorates Memorial Day with Observance Honoring Those Who Served

PARSIPPANY — On Memorial Day, Parsippany held a solemn observance to honor and pay tribute to those who have served in the military. The event commemorated the sacrifices of brave men and women who have defended our country. It allowed the community to unite, remember the fallen, and express gratitude for their service and dedication.

Parsippany-Troy Hills Mayor James Barberio addressed the audience. “I welcome you here this Memorial Day as we remember and honor the men and women who valiantly sacrificed their lives for the cause of freedom for our great nation. Our nation is as strong as it is because of the heroes that paid the ultimate price for their service to their country. Valiantly facing fear, these men and women did not back down even when they knew the odds were not in their favor. They were not fearless; they knew the risks but chose to fight bravely. That is pure and simple courage, which we pay tribute to today. There are no words that can adequately thank them or their families. The best we can do is remember them today and always. It does not seem like enough, but it is the only way to pay our respects, acknowledge their heroism, and continue to thank them for their service and sacrifice. Our nation is a better place because of these service men and women. Today as we look upon our nation’s flag, I ask you to remember your freedoms and blessings. I also ask that you remember living here in the great United States of America is a privilege.”

Parsippany-Troy Hills Council Vice President Takes On Master of Ceremonies Role at Memorial Day Observance
Rabbi Sholom Lubin of Shaya Ahavat Torah Delivers Invocation at Memorial Day Observance
Abigail Thurkauf of Girl Scout Troop 95089 Leads the Pledge of Allegiance at the Memorial Day Observance
Hunter Keller of Girl Scout Troop 97482 Presents Memorial Day Poem at Observance
VFW Post 10184 Honors Fallen Heroes with Wreath-Laying Ceremony
Siobhan Fuller McConnell, American Gold Star Mother and Mother of Parsippany War Hero Derek McConnell, Delivers Keynote Address
Parsippany Resident Michelle Musolino Performs National Anthem and God Bless America at Memorial Day Observance
Rev. Psomi Psomas-Jackloski of St. Andrew Lutheran Church Delivers Benediction at Memorial Day Observance
Parsippany-Troy Hills Council President Loretta Gragnani, Former Assemblywoman BettyLou DeCroce, and Morris County Clerk Ann Grossi Attend Memorial Day Ceremony
Bruce Michels, Councilman Justin Musella, Council President Loretta Gragnani, and Michael Poplawski

The keynote speaker, Siobhan Fuller McConnell, said, “Ten years ago, on March 18, 2013, my son’s fiancee called me and gave me the worst news I have ever received. All I could do was sit at the top of the stairs and scream. My 23-year-old son, Sgt Derek McConnell, died of complications from wounds received in Afghanistan on July 23, 2011. While on patrol in the Zhari District, he encountered two IEDS that left him catastrophically injured. He lost both legs and the use of his right hand. He sustained fractures to his skull, jaw, and pelvis. He also endured a TBI and numerous infections that almost took him from us several times. He fought hard for 20 months but eventually climbed to eternal glory, shocking everyone who knew him.”

“I am a Gold Star Mother. My son and the 2.8 million others who have died for this country since the birth of this nation are why we have a three-day weekend this weekend. They are the ones who gave all, who selflessly signed on the bottom line and agreed to sacrifice their lives for us so that we could continue to live in a free country. No matter where their battlefield was, whether it was the beaches of Normandy, the islands of the Pacific, the deserts of Iraq or Syria, the mountains of Afghanistan, the skies over Europe, the jungles of Vietnam, or elsewhere-the stories of the fallen matter and need to be told, their sacrifices can never be forgotten. We owe them a debt of gratitude and undying respect and admiration. We can pay tribute to their memories and sacrifices by visiting their gravesites, placing flags or wreaths, or simply speaking their names. To truly honor their lives, we must share their stories with others and ensure their memories live on even though they are gone,” she continued.

“My son, Sgt Derek McConnell, paid that price. A few others from New Jersey whose names I will never forget and whose stories I have been told are SSG Timothy McGill, 30, lLT Dennis Zilinski II, 23, Spec. Ryan Doltz, 26. I’ve met their families, and I know their pain. We also have the 13 who died on August 26, 2021, at the Abbey Gate in Afghanistan, whose families I have also met and whose stories I will never forget. Among them is Staff Sgt. Darin T. Hoover, 31; Lance Corporal Rylee J. Mccollum, 20; Staff Sgt. Ryan C. Knauss, 23) Lance Cpl. David L. Espinoza, 20.”

“By sharing their stories, we keep their memories alive and give others a glimpse of the heroes they were. Derek was a true joy. He was a pain in the butt and drove us crazy, but ultimately, he was the one you wanted in your corner. He made us laugh. He made us want to kill him. There is a hole in our hearts that will never be full again. I could stand here for hours and regale you with stories of Derek that would make you laugh and cry. He is missed, and he will never be forgotten. I believe that those who have left us are always around us. They whisper to us like a light breeze across our ears, reminding us that we must cherish the gift of life. They smile at our sleeping children, the nieces and nephews they will never know. If we are still and open our minds and hearts, we can catch glimpses of them, whether it be in the dying rays of a sunset, the waves of the ocean as they crash against the shore, a butterfly or dragonfly that gently lands on a flower, or a song on the radio. If you listen closely, you can hear them whisper, “I am here. I am at peace. Carry on and never forget. Until we meet again.”

She continued, “It is up to us to use the gifts secured by those who made the ultimate sacrifice, to do as much good as possible and honor a debt that can never be repaid. On Memorial Day, we reflect and share the experiences of our fallen loved ones, but tomorrow and in the days that follow, we must act. Let’s carry their sacrifice with us in our hearts and strive to honor their memory by being good and faithful, hopeful and strong, and committed to building a brighter future for all. As a nation, we must remind ourselves of the future they fought for and do our best to live up to those values in the days ahead.”

Freedom is not free, and today we thank those who paid the price.

Mayor James Barberio, Siobhan Fuller McConnell, Michael Flannery, Laurily Merzatta, Rev. Posmi Psomas-Jackloski, and Michelle Musolino Unite in Memorial Day Observance

Morris County Proclaims May 2023 Older Americans Month

MORRIS COUNTY — The Board of County Commissioners declared May 2023 “Older Americans Month” in Morris County recent;y and presented a special proclamation and resolution of honor to two employees who have demonstrated exemplary dedication in their service to the county.

Commissioner Director Krickus presented a resolution of honor to longtime employee Pam James, Principal Buyer in the Office of the Morris County Clerk, who is retiring at the end of the month after 38 years of service.

“Pam’s efforts have contributed to the quality of service in Morris County, and her work has helped contribute to the success of four County Clerks and one Acting County Clerk… On behalf of the County Commissioners, we commend Ms. James for her accomplishments and extend our best wishes for many happy retirement years,” stated Director Krickus.

Fellow Commissioners and Clerk’s Office staff congratulated Pam while sharing their sentiments about how much they will miss her. Ms. James began her service with the county on May 6, 1985, when then-County Clerk Joseph J. Bell hired her to work in the Criminal Division. She excelled in her duties and was soon promoted to Assistant Buyer, where she worked on budget preparation, among many other responsibilities, including maintenance of inventory control, overseeing office renovations, election night activities, and special events, and working evenings in the passport department and swearing in notaries.

“She’s been with the county for so long and does everything. She will be missed,” stated Morris County Clerk Ann Grossi.

2023 05 24 Older Americans Month (2).JPG
Aging, Disabilities and Community Programming Director Christine Hellyer, Fay Campbell, Deputy Director Myers, Director Krickus.

Fay Campbell, Clerk-4 for the Morris County Office on Aging, Disabilities & Community Programming, also celebrates her 40-year anniversary of working for the county this year. She was invited by Division Director, Christine Hellyer, to join her in accepting a proclamation for Older Americans Month. Deputy Director Myers, liaison to the Human Services Department, recognized Ms. Campbell for her milestone achievement.

“To have people like you and Pam is critical to the success of Morris County in all of its aspects. Without that continuity, without that kind of passion for the people of Morris County—without that kind of selfless love that says, ‘I’m going to do this every day, serving others,’—without that institutional knowledge, we wouldn’t be half as good as we are today. It is only because of people like you that others want to come and be like you. Thank you so much for all you’ve done,” said Commissioner Deputy Director Christine Myers said.

“The younger generation benefits from all that you have done… and all our older generations have taught us and encouraged us in perseverance, lifelong learning, and growing. The older generation is a jewel that can never lose its value,” Myers continued, “Morris County’s expanding and diverse population includes a growing number of older Americans who have enriched and continue to contribute to our wonderful New Jersey community.”

The Morris County Commissioners have regularly supported older Americans through many funded programs, including those provided through the Morris County Office of Aging, Disabilities, and Community Programming. In its mission to “provide a continuum of care to help seniors, people with disabilities, and veterans in need,” the county office also works with State and County Agencies and partners with non-profit and community organizations.

The Morris County Board of County Commissioners, the Older Americans Act, and the State of New Jersey are responsible for much of the funding for these programs.

“I want to thank the Commissioners for all the support in Human Services, especially the division on Aging, Disabilities, and Community Programming. For 2023 we are discussing ‘Aging Unbound’ for Older Americans Month, and we are trying to take away the stigma of what aging is. What is an older American? We are all aging, and we can all bring more to the picture… it includes retired individuals, our neighbors, our coworkers, our bosses, it includes people we work with every day. It’s the senior who works out more often than many of us or the senior who has a nutrition program. Aging has no bounds,” stated Hellyer.

2023 05 24 Older Americans Month (3).JPG
Commissioners Selen, Smith, and Shaw; Christine Hellyer, Fay Campbell; Deputy Director Myers, Director Krickus, Commissioner Cabana.

Rainbow Lakes Holds Annual Memorial Service to Honor Fallen Heroes

PARSIPPANY — Rainbow Lakes held its Annual Memorial Service to Honor Fallen Heroes on Saturday, May 27, at Rainbow Park.

Charlie Engfer, taking on the role of master of ceremonies, skillfully led the proceedings during the Annual Memorial Service at Rainbow Park.

Charlie Engfer served in the United States Marine Corps in the late 60s and early 70s.

Charlie Engfer, serving as master of ceremonies, opened the ceremony with the following speech:

“It is my honor to be here today as we come together to remember and honor the service and sacrifice of our nation’s finest and bravest. As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not just to utter words, but to live by them.”

“We find ourselves here on this day, gathered together to reflect on this sentiment, uttered many years ago by President John F. Kennedy: Words, he believed, were useless when unaccompanied by action. This is why we – the money – gather here to honor our veterans – the few who were so willing to give of themselves to defend their brother and their country. A small fraction of our population is charged with keeping us safe and our liberties intact. So today, we strive to properly thank this fragment of the population that has done so much to keep this country, our prosperity, and our freedoms in place. It’s interesting how different generations of veterans respond to being thanked for their service. Our World War II veterans generally seem to receive it politely – stoically – knowing they had fulfilled their patriotic duty by fighting abroad. Korean and Vietnam War veterans, at times, overlooked, seem genuinely touched when welcomed home and remembered. Gratitude is accepted by our most recent generation of veterans, representing an even smaller percentage of the population than in previous wars. Still, many feel disconnected from their civilian peers,” said Engfer.

Parsippany-Troy Hills Mayor James Barberio eloquently expressed the sentiment of the occasion, urging everyone to honor and cherish the memories of the fallen heroes. With his words, he reminded the audience that although these brave individuals may be physically lost, their memory and legacy will forever remain in our hearts and minds. Mayor Barberio’s powerful statement resonated with those in attendance, emphasizing the importance of remembering and revering the sacrifices made by our fallen heroes.

Parsippany-Troy Hills Mayor said, “I would like to welcome everyone on this solemn occasion as we pay tribute to the servicemen and women who selflessly sacrificed for their country. Each year we reaffirm our appreciation for those that were lost in service. We come together in this ceremony and speak about bravery and honor, but I am not sure that is enough to thank the servicemembers and their families for what they have lost. I think a better way to demonstrate our gratitude is by showing we are united as Americans. We do that as we unite today under one flag and pledge allegiance to this great nation. We must show we are united today and every day; otherwise, their sacrifice will have been in vain. We do not want to forget the powerful price of freedom. We need to ensure the legacy of these heroes by continuing to tell their stories to new generations and preserving their place in history. What makes our nation great are the ordinary people who stepped up when called into service or volunteered their service to protect and defend the United States. Their courage is an inspiration to all of us. Honor them, cherish their memories, and remember they may be lost but never forgotten and are always revered.”

Councilman Michael dePierro, Vietnam Era Veteran and US Air Force placed a flag on the monument representing the 116,700 dead soldiers from World War I.
In her address, Morris County Clerk Ann Grossi called upon the audience to take a moment on Monday to reflect on the profound reasons that allow us to enjoy this time with our loved ones. She encouraged everyone to express silent gratitude to our fallen heroes and the courageous military personnel who have served. By acknowledging their sacrifices, we honor their memory and recognize the freedom and peace they have helped protect. Ann Grossi’s heartfelt words served as a reminder to pause and pay tribute to those who have selflessly dedicated themselves to our nation.

Morris County Clerk Ann Grossi and a Parsippany resident addressed the audience.

During the Annual Memorial Service held at Rainbow Park, Morris County Clerk Ann Grossi, a dedicated public servant and a resident of Parsippany, delivered a poignant address to the audience. With her insightful words, she acknowledged the sacrifices made by our fallen heroes and expressed gratitude for their service. Her presence and heartfelt speech added depth and meaning to the memorial service, reminding everyone of the significance of honoring those who have served our country. 

She said, “Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start of the summer season, begins today. As we enjoy the company of our friends and families at BBQs, picnics, or a trip to the Jersey shore, let us not forget the true reason for this holiday. Originally known as Decoration Day, soldiers honor their fallen comrades by laying flowers, wreaths, and flags at their gravesites. In the late 1800s, the name changed to Memorial Day, but it would not become an officially recognized holiday until 1967. This Monday, May 29, is Memorial Day. It’s a day dedicated to honoring those men and women in our armed forces who sacrificed for our country. True heroes who deserve recognition. Each of us can show our gratitude to these heroes in many ways. Here are just a few.”

RESPECT Respect our country, our flag, and each other. Remember those who died so that we might enjoy our many freedoms.

TEACH … Teach your children the meaning of Memorial Day. Teach them that America is the greatest nation in the world. We’re not perfect, but we strive to be. Teach them to be proud to pledge allegiance to our flag and our country.

GIVE THANKS… If you should meet a military member, say “THANK YOU” a small gesture, but oh so meaningful to them.


So on Monday, please take a moment to reflect on the reasons that enable us to enjoy this time with family and friends. Please take a moment to thank our fallen heroes and our mighty military silently,” Grossi continued.

In closing, Engfer said, I would like to recognize those who have lost a loved one in the line of duty of this country. It doesn’t matter how much time has passed – no words of condolence can even begin to console a survivor’s grief adequately. And while grief from the loss may change throughout the years, it never leaves us.”

In a touching gesture of respect and remembrance, Rainbow Lakes Fire Chief Russell Greuter placed a flower bouquet to honor all those who have fallen. With deep reverence, he symbolically paid tribute to the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to their community and country.
Rainbow Lakes resident Jerry Manning, US Army Veteran Cold War Era, placed a flag on the monument representing 36,914 dead soldiers from Korean War.

Many residents gathered at the Rainbow Lakes Memorial Day Ceremony, demonstrating their respect and remembrance for the fallen heroes. As a united community, they joined together to honor the courageous men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to their nation. The solemn atmosphere was filled with gratitude and reverence as the residents paid their respects. This collective remembrance showcased the community’s deep appreciation and unwavering support for those who have selflessly served and protected our freedom.

Rainbow Lakes Annual Memorial Day Parade

PARSIPPANY — Saturday provided ideal weather conditions for the Rainbow Lakes Annual Memorial Day Parade. The perfect weather added to the event’s atmosphere, fully allowing participants and spectators to enjoy the commemorative occasion.

The parade route commenced at the Rainbow Lakes Volunteer Firehouse and extended through the streets of Rainbow Lakes, culminating at Rainbow Park. At Rainbow Park, a solemn memorial service was conducted, honoring and remembering those who have sacrificed in service to their country. The parade and subsequent service provided a meaningful tribute to the significance of Memorial Day.

Russell Greuter, the Chief of Rainbow Lakes Volunteer Fire Department District 2, played a vital role in the success of the Memorial Day Parade. With his exceptional leadership and expertise, he skillfully organized and coordinated the department’s participation, ensuring a seamless and well-executed procession. Chief Greuter’s presence exemplified the unwavering dedication and commitment of the entire fire department to safeguarding and serving the Rainbow Lakes community. His leadership and contribution were instrumental in making the parade meaningful and memorable.

Parsippany-Troy Hills Councilman Justin Musella, Mayor James Barberio, Councilman Frank Neglia, Councilman Paul Carifi Jr., Former Assemblywoman BettyLou DeCroce, and Council Vice President Michael dePierro all actively participated in the parade. Their presence demonstrated their deep commitment to serving the community and supporting the Memorial Day commemoration. As they marched with pride and dedication, their involvement further emphasized their invaluable contributions to the community and their respect for the traditions upheld by the Rainbow Lakes Volunteer Fire Department.

The CúChullain Pipe Band, Parsippany’s hometown Pipe Band, notably contributed to the Memorial Day parade. With their unwavering dedication to preserving and propagating traditional Celtic music, the band showcased their talent and added a vibrant and cultural element to the procession. Their participation in the parade honored the spirit of the occasion and further highlighted the diverse musical traditions present within the community.


Local Athletes Shine at NJAC Championships

PARSIPPANY — NJAC championships! Leading the girl’s teams to win the New Jersey Athletic Conference Small School Championship! This championship is the 1st NJAC Championship win for the girls’ track team. Anya Sadowski placed 2nd, and Leann Lombardi placed 5th in the 100m high hurdles

In addition to the 100 hurdles, other noteworthy wins include

Leann Lombardi 3rd in 1600
Amanda Hoffman 2nd in 400
Kira Chebishev 5th in 400
Sophia Camiscioli 5th in Pole Vault
Anya Sadowski 1st in 400 hurdles
Amanda Hoffman 2nd in 400 hurdles
Leann Lombardi 4th in 400 hurdles
Kira Chebishev 2nd in 800
Amanda Hoffman 5th in 800
Meghan Metz 2nd in 3200
Alexandra Jurow 3rd in Discuss
Girls 4×400 relay team 1st (Kira Chebishev, Leann Lombardi, Anya Sadowski, Amanda Hoffman)

Teams coaches are Coach Brzezinski, Coach Kim Hallock, Coach Smith, Coach Wells, and Coach Kennedy.
Seen by Andy Sadowski at May 18, 2023, 9:16 AM
Andy Sadowski

Woman’s Club Donate to Parsippany Library

PARSIPPANY — The Woman’s Club of Parsippany-Troy Hills made a generous contribution to the Parsippany Libraries, presenting donations totaling $3,650. Their support will help enhance the resources and services provided by the libraries, benefiting the local community and promoting literacy and learning. The Woman’s Club’s contribution reflects its commitment to making a positive impact on education and cultural enrichment within Parsippany-Troy Hills.

Parsippany Memorial Day Parade Detours

PARSIPPANY — The Township of Parsippany-Troy Hills has scheduled its Memorial Day Parade on Monday, May 29, at Noon. The parade will take place on North Beverwyck Road, offering a fitting tribute to honor and remember those who have sacrificed in service to their country.

At approximately 10:30 a.m., numerous roads will be blocked to maintain a safe and secure parade route. Those roadways will be reopened at approximately 3:00 p.m. Please see the diagram below of the parade route, road closures, and limited access areas.

•Residents of Knoll Gardens and Knoll Manor, you can access and leave your homes by utilizing the blue route. All entry and exit from Knoll Gardens and Knoll Manor will be limited to the driveway at the top of Van Wyk Road.

Due to the staging of the parade vehicles and marching bands along Knoll Road, the very top driveway will be the only driveway from which vehicles will be allowed to enter or exit. Please advise any guest you may be expecting of this limited access. All traffic exiting Knoll Gardens onto Knoll Road must turn left while the Parade vehicles/Marching Bands are staged on Knoll Road.

Additionally, there will be a police officer and barricades located at the Knoll Road intersection with Lake Shore Drive/Greenbank Road. Kindly inform the officer that you are going to Knoll Gardens/Knoll Manor and not traveling through the closed parade area. Also, advise any visitors that you may be expecting that they need to enter Knoll Gardens/Knoll Manor from Knoll Road and that they, too, must inform the officer stationed at Lake Shore Road/Greenbank Road that they are just visiting Knoll Gardens/Knoll Manor. If you are unfamiliar with the Top Exit/Entrance on Van Wyk Road, there will be signs/arrows posted to assist drivers in finding the exit.

Finally, we apologize for the temporary inconvenience that this may cause. We hope that you have the opportunity to watch and enjoy the Parade.