Girls Scouts Troop #95750 from Littleton School Earns Their Bronze Award

These Girl Scouts from Littleton Elementary school have accomplished so much

PARSIPPANY — The group of fifth grade Girl Scouts have been together since they were kindergarteners (Daisy Scouts) and have done so much for our community over the past six years.

Last week, these Junior Girl Scouts bridged to Cadettes and are working on their Bronze Award. To earn this award, they are finishing up twenty hours of community service work, such as planting and gardening in front of their school. Their goal is to “Leave Littleton better than they found it.”

As part of this goal, the girls held a recruitment night at Littleton and a new Kindergarten troop was created because of their hard work.  They also hosted an 80’s glow party in their school gymnasium for all the Littleton girls and a few girls joined GS due to this fun-filled event.

The troop leaders, Mrs. Kellie Andersen and Mrs. Ann Marie Atwell, are very proud of the girls for all their hard work and dedication to earn their Bronze Award. They love how independent the girls are becoming, from planning to advertising to hosting, these ladies are great influences for younger girls. They hope to teach other girls what leadership looks like and leave their legacy at Littleton School.

“While working toward our bronze award, I’ve enjoyed gardening with my troop.  Our goal was to help beautify Littleton School and I think we did that.  It makes me feel proud of our achievement,” said fifth grade student Jada Jones.

Fifth grade student, Sara Lemanowicz, said “I am very proud to get the Bronze Award because it is a big achievement that Girl Scouts earn for doing something for their school or community.”