PHHS Creative Writing students wrote books and read to first graders

A.P. Studio Art teacher Erica Pizza students created illustrations for the books

The first grade students of Lake Parsippany School paying attention to xxx reading his book, illustrated by xxx

PARSIPPANY — Parsippany Hills High School students took a field trip on Wednesday, June 6 to Lake Parsippany Elementary School. Creative Writing teacher Jessica Brosnan and A.P. Studio Art teacher Erica Pizza worked together to create this cross-curricular learning opportunity for their students.

After studying children’s literature, Mrs. Brosnan’s students wrote their own pieces of children’s literature. They then paired up with one of Mrs. Pizza’s students who served as the illustrators of these pieces.

The stories were then bound and shared with Mrs. Beth DiBello’s and Ms. Laura Duff’s first graders. After listening to these pieces, first graders worked with the high schoolers to craft opening pages and illustrations for their own stories and then shared those opening pages with their classmates.

All books crafted by PHHS students were donated to the classroom libraries at Lake Parsippany Elementary School.

Mayor Michael Soriano joined the event as a guest reader. Superintendent Dr. Barbara Sargent, Coordinating Supervisor of 6-12 Language Arts/6-12 Media Mrs. Dana Ahmuty, and Coordinating Supervisor of World Languages/K-5 Music/K-12 Art/K-12 ESL Mrs. Vicky Santana, were also in attendance.

Titles of books and author/illustrator pairings:

Title: Savannah Goes On A Camping Trip
Written by: Sherilyn Ostlin
Illustrated by: Amber Lee

Title: Blue
Written by: Anahita Sahafian
Illustrated by: Shauna Lally

Title: Leo and the Raincoat
Written by: Sara Zevallos
Illustrated by: Gabrielle La Rosa

TItle: Pirate Playground
Written by: Yacek Castillo
Illustrated by: Salvatore Rubinetti

Title: It’s A Hard Rock Life
Written by: Toan Le
Illustrated by: Gaven Martung

Title: Pip the Pumpkin
Written By: Lydia Rose Parker
Illustrated by: Alexa Ziler

Title: Picnic Party
Written by: Virginia Lanza
Illustrated by: Ching Lin

Title: Bathroom Adventure
Written by: Maggie O’Neill
Illustrated by: Heather Mann

Title: PB&J
Written by: Sheethal Ayalasomayajula
Illustrated by: Olivia Terrell

Title: Marcus the Lonely Space Rat
Written by: Sarah McKiernan
Illustrated by: Juliet Campbell

Title: Snow White and the Seven Dwarves Inn
Written by: Hyun-Jung Kim
Illustrated by: June Perigo