2017 New Jersey Association of Student Councils Board

2017 NJASC State Officers: Parsippany students are Karan Chauhan and Khalid Alzubi are first two on left in back row Claire Donahue 1st on the right in Back Row

PARSIPPANY — A number of students from all across New Jersey gathered at TCNJ for the annual NJASC (New Jersey Association of Student Councils) election.

This election seats the eight high school and one middle school representatives for the 2017 NJASC Board.

This year there are three students from Parsippany will hold seats on the board:

Vice President: Claire Donahue from Morris County School of Technology
Treasurer: Khalid Alzubi from Parsippany High School
State Board of Education Student Representative: Karan Chauhan from Parsippany Hills

The NJASC is certified by the New Jersey Department of Education as a Professional Development Provider. They offer programs at each seasonal conference as well as during LTC for Student Council Advisors and other educators interested in student leadership. These workshops and programs count toward the “100 Hours” Certification Requirement for Professional Development in New Jersey.

2016 – Beau Bruneau 2017 – Claire Donahue (Morris County School of Technology)

The NJASC is the oldest state Student Council Association in the United States, and has inspired the “Spirit Of New Jersey Youth” since 1927. The members are from high schools and middle schools, public and private, across the State of New Jersey.

For ninety years, the NJASC has provided thousands of students in New Jersey’s public and private schools the opportunity to discover, develop, and apply their leadership skills to serve their schools and communities.

2016 – Cindy Lin
2017 – Khalid Alzubi (PHS)

As the officially recognized state affiliate of the National Association of Student Councils (NASC), and an active member of NASC Region 2, they also organize delegations to and participation by New Jersey student leaders and advisors in such activities as LEAD Conferences and the NASC National Conference.

Ava Kathleen Rybicki
2017 – Karan Chauhan (PHHS)

The NJASC is an indispensable resource for member schools to discover new ideas and enhance their own Council Projects as well as to foster student involvement in school and community.

They also provide an opportunity for leading Student Councils to provide Student Workshops and share the great things they are doing in their schools and communities.

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