Zwigard to lead Morris County Republican Victory PAC

Rob Zwigard

MORRIS COUNTY — Morris County Republican Victory PAC (MRVP) has appointed Robert Zwigard as its new Chairman. According to Zwigard, former Executive Director of MRVP, “I am pleased to take over this organization that has a 14-year history supporting Republican success in Morris County”. I would also like to thank Tim Smith for his leadership of the PAC as Chair in 2018”. Smith resigned this November because he is moving to Florida.

MRVP has helped campaigns through financial, strategic and in-kind grass-roots support of municipal and other campaigns throughout Morris County. In 2018 MRVP opened a centrally located Morristown campaign office that hosted volunteers who made greater than 20,000 calls and distributed hundreds of signs and thousands of literature packets in support of the Republican ticket from the local to the county to the federal level. MRVP also gave support to local campaigns.

In 2019, MRVP plans to continue to work with fellow Republicans to broaden the party’s base and help increase Republican victories and turnout on the local level.

According to Zwigard, “We are ready to work hard to bring resources to key Morris municipalities to help them spread the Republican message of efficient and effective government leadership. We look forward to helping to increase economic success and quality of life of Morris County residents by promoting Republican principles.”