Bikers Rallied for the RTSP Ride For Freedom

RANDOLPH —  If you didn’t see them last weekend, you probably heard them! This past Sunday, July 1, over 150 bikes came out in the 100-degree weather for RTSP and Harley Davidson’s Ride For Freedom. The ride was organized by RTSP to increase awareness that there is a voice for those who believe in their freedoms and 2nd Amendment rights.

The over 100-degree temperatures also did not stop supporters from cheering on the bikers on the sides of the street or in front of their homes as they rode over 87 miles through Morris and Hunterdon Counties from Garden State Harley Davidson on Route 10 in Morris Plains and back to RTSP- Range, Firearms, and Training on Route 10 in Randolph.

The Ride For Freedom was a respectful way for everyone from the local doctor, police officer, or lawyer, to stay at home moms, college students, and anyone else to have a voice for legal gun ownership in New Jersey. These “Freedom Riders” believe in their 2nd amendment right.

“Handling firearms safely as well as going through the right channels to acquire firearms is a right we have as Americans. However, in the state of New Jersey, while illegal gun ownership is on the rise, the government is putting all its efforts into taking away our right to self protect. This ride was an opportunity to show that there are masses of people throughout the state that believe in that right, and while we are not the loudest, we are here!” said Brad Tremeroli, RTSP owner.

At the end of the ride, bikers were met at the RTSP facility with music, BBQ, and prizes. Despite the heat, the RTSP and Harley Davidson Ride For Freedom turned out to be a successful day of New Jersey locals coming together and supporting a cause that they feel passionately about.

All net proceeds from the Ride For Freedom bike run will benefit New Jersey Second Amendment Societies.

About RTSP- Range, Firearms, and Training
As Northern New Jersey’s premier indoor shooting range, store, and training facility, RTSP provides an unparalleled venue for family and personal firearms enjoyment and education. Located in Randolph, New Jersey, RTSP occupies a 35,000 square foot space – which includes a 15,000 square foot training facility, 4,000 square foot Shoot House, 900 square foot Digital Simulator, and a 900 square foot Dojo.