Conservative Party endorses Heather Darling for Freeholder

Heather Darling

MORRIS COUNTY — The Conservative Party of New Jersey, has been watching Morris County Freeholder race closely. Until now, we have remained silent on this race.

It has come to our attention, that Morris County needs bold voices to represent the people of Morris County. Starting with the jail house debacle to the solar fiasco and everything in between, it’s clear that corruption must stop.

From listening and watching the candidates, the Conservative Party strongly believes that Heather Darling is the clear choice for Morris County Freeholder. Her strong belief in the United States Constitution and the New Jersey Constitution shows that she is a strong believer in the rule of law. Her avid stance against sanctuary cities enforces the fact that she is a true believer in the rule of law. As an attorney, unlike some of the other candidates, Heather Darling knows that the rule of law should be enforced equally amongst the entire population and that the law should not favor one person, one group or one entity – over any others.

As a successful business woman, Heather Darling knows all about fiscal responsibility. The Conservative Party of New Jersey, strongly believes that Heather Darling will help foster economic prosperity to Morris County. Heather Darling has the unique experience of bringing various groups together to solve community concerns. We believe that she can bring this unique experience to the table to help solve some of the larger issues facing Morris County.

The Conservative Party is a staunch believer in character and Heather Darling displays all the traits and characteristics that an elected official should have. Heather Darling displays independence and we believe that she will not be bullied into voting for various projects that involve cronyism or corruption. Heather has been publicly ridiculed for being a former competitive bodybuilder and yet, she stands by her convictions which is a strong indication of her independence. Heather also displays a high degree of intelligence. Heather is aware that she doesn’t know everything and is willing to listen to experts in the field before making final decisions. Be honest if you don’t know or understand a topic – own up and Heather does just that. We also like the fact that Heather Darling is a responsible person and would parlay that trait into her representation of the people of Morris County.

For these reasons, and many, many more – The Conservative Party of New Jersey, proudly endorses Heather Darling for Morris County Freeholder. We hope that you would see Heather Darling in the same light and place your trust in her, to represent YOU!