Morris County Development Course Graduation

Director Scott DiGiralomo, Morris Co. Dept. of Law & Public Safety Assistant Special Agent in Charge; Bradley Cohen, FBI; Pete Fox, US Attorney's Office; Artan Mahmudi, Graduate; Gianna Salvatore, Graduate ; Patrick Minutillo, Lake Hiawatha resident and Retired Deputy Chief Harrison Police; Sheriff Edward Rochford, Undersheriff William Schievella and Lieutenant Yvonne Christiano, Parsippany-Troy Hills Police
The graduating class

MORRIS COUNTY — Approximately 60 students graduated from Morris County Law Enforcement Development Course on Monday, December 7.

The Law Enforcement Development Course is a 10-week course for college students interested in developing a career in law enforcement.

The course is a cooperative venture of the Morris County Board of Chosen Freeholders, the county’s Department of Law and Public Safety and the New Jersey Community Affairs Officers Association in partnership with colleges, universities and law enforcement groups throughout New Jersey.

Participants were introduced to the work of law enforcement to broaden their perspectives and understanding of the criminal justice system and to better understand what it takes to enter the field of law enforcement.

“The image of a law enforcement officer, for many, is formed by what they see on television or in the movies,” Kathy DeFillippo said. “The students who take this career development course will soon learn their perception of what it’s like to be a law enforcement officer is not reality.”

Several members of the NJAALEOA attended the graduation of the 2015 Fall session of the 2015 Law Enforcement Career Development Course.

The program which is the only one of its kind anywhere in the state of New Jersey was held at the Morris County Public Safety Academy.

Approximately 60 college attending students attended and successfully completed the 10 week program. NJAALEOA members Federal Air Marshal supervisory agent George Parker, NJAALEOA President Joseph Luistro, Federal Air Marshal supervisory agent (retired) Tom Masters and NJAALEOA 2nd Vice President Neel Patel were among other law enforcement professionals giving mock oral interviews to the graduates before the actual ceremony began. Just before the handing out of the certificates to the graduating students unbeknownst to all in attendance except Joe Neel, Sheriff Edward Rochford and Suzanne Ceravolo, the Director for the Center for Internships and Career Development at Drew University, the NJAALEOA presented the Director of the program Morris County Undersheriff William Schievella a plaque.

The plaque recognizes Undersheriff Schievella’s work he does for the program he developed, the tremendous work he does for the law enforcement community and the huge positive work he does for the public. The name William Schievella has been mentioned within many NJAALEOA e-mails, for he is an avid supporter of the NJAALEOA and we are proud to call him a friend and brother officer.

Sheriff Rochford said “Thank you for all those including the educational partners of the program that make this program one of a kind and the success that it is,
and lastly thanks to one unique individual, Undersheriff William Schievella.”

The Law Enforcement Career Development Course is a highly competitive program that was created in 2010, and it is the first of its kind in New Jersey. The course is recommended for college students interested in criminal justice, social sciences, and justice studies, as well as those students who are undecided but have an interest in pursuing careers in the field of legal justice.

Students got a closer look at law enforcement by being exposed to practical scenarios and hands-on instruction.

“The hands-on instruction given to the students is the critical component of this course,” said Freeholder Doug Cabana, the freeholder board’s liaison to Law and Public Safety. “It provides the students with exposure to the real world of law enforcement to help them determine if this career field is right for them.”

The Law Enforcement Career Development Course covered topics ranging from domestic violence, mock crime scenes and defensive tactics to dressing for success, health and wellness and preparing for the written and psychological exams.

The Morris County Public Safety Training Academy is located at 500 West Hanover Avenue, Parsippany.

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