Four Parsippany residents Graduate from University of Rhode Island

University of Rhode Island graduates more than 3,500 students at commencement

PARSIPPANY — At the University of Rhode Island’s 132nd Commencement about 3,300 undergraduate and 750 graduate students became the University’s newest alumni.

The following students from your area graduated from the University of Rhode Island:

Victoria Michelle Bond  received Bachelor of Fine Arts, Art Summa Cum Laude. Parsippany High School Class of 2014

Amanda Nardella received Bachelor of Science, Kinesiology Summa Cum Laude. Amanda is a Graduate of Parsippany High School, Class of 2014.

Matt Schwarz received Bachelor of Science, Ocean Engineering. Matt is a Graduate of Parsippany High School, Class of 2014.

Colby Lisabeth Thomas received Bachelor of Science , Biomedical Engineering.Colby is a Graduate of Parsippany Hills High School, Class of 2014.

The University of Rhode Island’s pioneering research extends the University’s influence well beyond its coastal borders, while its unique interdisciplinary courses provide its 16,637 undergraduate and graduate students with global opportunities in an intimate environment. In May 2018, more than 3,300 undergraduate and about 750 graduate degrees were awarded. The University now has more than 120,000 alumni worldwide.