Denville Mayor Tom Andes announces candidacy for third term

It is also reported that Parsippany-Troy Hills Business Administrator Ellen Sandman will be running for Mayor of Denville

Rely for Life Co-Chair Karen DeChristopher and Denville Mayor Thomas Andes (File Photo)

Denville Mayor Tom Andes

DENVILLE — On Tuesday night May 29, before a large crowd of enthusiastic family, friends and political colleagues, Denville Mayor Tom Andes announced his candidacy for a third term as Mayor of the “Hub of Morris County.” The event took place at St. Francis Residential Community.

The Mayor was joined by numerous dignitaries as well as the Council who served under his tenure – former Council Members Unrath, Golinski, Fitzpatrick and Kuser, and current members Council President Gabel, as well as Lyden, Murphy, Witte, Borowiec, Bergen and Buie. Former Councilman Don Kuser introduced Mayor Andes. Kuser highlighted how far the community has progressed since Hurricane Irene but mentioned that, most importantly, the community has united under Andes’ leadership.

On April 30, 2018 Parsippany Focus reported that Parsippany-Troy Hills Business Administrator Ellen Sandman, will be running in the June 2019 primary for Mayor of Denville. Rumors have been circulating around Parsippany’s Town Hall that Sandman will be retiring from Parsippany after the 2018 budget process has completed. Running for Mayor is nothing new for Sandman. She ran in 2007 against Ted Hussa in the Republican primary and lost by nine votes in a very heated campaign. During that race Sandman had the endorsement of former Mayor Gene Feyl.

Andes spoke briefly thanking his supporters and the entire Town Council for their team work in putting Denville back together after the Hurricane. He discussed how Denville has recently been recognized as the Ninth best town in New Jersey to live in, under the Council’s leadership; and he thanked them for always speaking their mind, voting their conscience and always working as a team for the best interest of our community.  Andes discussed the improvements to the town that have been made under his tenure as Mayor.  These included the rebuilding of the Valley View Fire House, Flood Mitigation Initiatives which strengthen Denville’s position in the face of future weather events, the Downtown Streetscape, New Turf Field and Park and infrastructure Improvements.  Financial improvements were also made, including the almost $1.5 Million in grants for the Downtown Streetscape, nearly $400,000 FEMA reimbursement for the Firehouse, the many contractual changes streamlining efficiency. This has resulted in a Moody’s upgrade of the town’s debt rating to Aa1, the second best a town can hold, which allows Denville to borrow at a lower rate, saving taxpayer dollars. Also under Andes’ tenure, Denville formed a Business Improvement District, aimed at strengthening the downtown economy.

Mayor Andes spoke about how much he has enjoyed being the Mayor of the greatest community in the State and how honored and humbled he was. He thanked his wife, Sharon and his children for supporting him and his desire to continue leading the community. He then talked about how much more there is to do especially in the area of Flood Mitigation and Downtown Improvements.

Tom Andes, known as “Mr. Playground,” has served the citizens of Denville since 1995, first on the Recreation Committee, when he was the Chairman of Project Playground that built the playground at Gardner Field. In 2000 Andes was appointed to the Town Council as the Ward One Councilman, where he was elected and re-elected serving 12 years.  Andes took office as Denville Mayor in 2012. His current term ends December 31, 2019.  The Republican Primary is June and the General Election is November of 2019.