An Exciting Ride into the Future

employment horizons
Client Vincent Gibaldi, Executive Director Matt Putts, Andrew Rubinstein, and client Ali Peck in front of the new vehicle

MORRIS COUNTY — Employment Horizons is excited to announce the acquisition of its new MV-1 vehicle that will help transport individuals working with the sixty-year-old organization. Purchase of the vehicle was made possible by a generous grant from the Stephen and Beverly Rubenstein Foundation.

It is critically important to Employment Horizons’ programs to transport individuals by vehicle. The program participants are brought to job interviews and job samples daily. Employment Horizons also transports their clients for their “Discover Your Community Opportunities.” This is a highly regarded program which allows participants from the fulfillment center to take guided tours of local businesses, and to learn more about job opportunities available in the community.

Employment Horizons selected the MV-1 because it is a vehicle designed and built specifically to transport individuals with mobility barriers (rather than a modified van), and is the safest vehicle on the market for such transport. In addition, it can be driven by any licensed driver as it does not require a commercial license. “We don’t just give funding to projects from the bottom of our hearts, but to projects that will better life and society as a whole,” said Andrew Rubenstein.

“As an organization that has prided itself on removing barriers for individuals with disabilities, we believe removing this transportation barrier for individuals with mobility impairments is of paramount importance to our mission,” said Matthew Putts, Executive Director of Employment Horizons. This gift will enhance opportunities and provide greater access for everyone at Employment Horizons and we are deeply indebted to the Rubenstein Foundation for this extremely generous gift.

Employment Horizons is a local not-for-profit organization which serves individuals with disabilities, empowering them to earn a paycheck and live as productive citizens in the greater Morris County area. For more information, contact Maria Florio, Director of Community Relations at (973) 538-8822 ext. 240 or at




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