CCM Majors Lead to Rewarding Careers

Affordable Options for Careers in Science, Healthcare, Hospitality, Horticulture and More

RANDOLPH —  Students seeking a high-quality and affordable education can find more than 50 academic programs that lead to successful careers at County College of Morris (CCM).

CCM is proud of its graduates who have built rewarding careers and are earning good salaries,” said President Anthony J. Iacono. “Our mission is to deliver high-quality, accessible programs that prepare our students for success. We’re also proud to note that PayScale has ranked CCM alumni in the top 25 in terms of community college graduates who earn the highest salaries.”

Included among the majors offered at CCM that prepare students for career success are:

Biotechnology – Explore the world of plant and animal DNA with biotechnology – a major industry in New Jersey. Biotechnologists use sophisticated tools and techniques to manipulate the DNA and proteins of living cells to produce useful products such as life-saving medicines. Graduates step into a variety of careers to become research technicians, staff technologists, quality-control technicians, microbiology or histology laboratory technicians, cosmetic laboratory technologists, food technologists and product sales representatives.

Business Professionals – Enter the professional office environment and make a contribution. CCM’s Business Professional curriculum provides a fundamental knowledge of business principles, procedures and systems, along with a broad background in theory and practice. Graduates choose how far they go, from clerk to CEO, or owning and operating their own business. Careers are found in bookkeeping, accounting, auditing, management, insurance, sales, retail, marketing, merchandising, advertising, banking, business information systems, finance, event planning, human resources and real estate.

Graphic Design – Launch into the field of Graphic Design at CCM where creativity, imagination and artistic skills take on a new meaning and purpose. Students in the program are equipped with a toolbox of skills to assist in design problem solving, digital literacy, interacting with clients, entrepreneurial possibilities and professional portfolio preparation to succeed in a variety of career opportunities.

Information Technology – Step into the world of programming and cyberspace with a degree or certificate in Information Technology. Degrees offered at CCM include those in computer science, information technology, game development, digital media technology and technical studies. In addition, certificate programs are available in administrative support, computer software application, media technology, web development and the fascinating and rapidly expanding field of cyber security.

Hospitality – Enter the world of hospitality and you’ll find a range of career options. CCM hospitality graduates are found in such areas as lodging management, including luxury, casino, convention, all-suite and resort hotels; travel and tourism; recreation and leisure, entertainment, attractions and special events management; senior living services and healthcare and retirement community management. Graduates also find careers in the support infrastructure of the hospitality industry including human resources, accounting, purchasing, physical plant maintenance, sales and marketing, and property management.

Engineering – Possess an interest in how things work? Then you’re a good candidate for Engineering Science or Engineering Technology. Both offer satisfying career options. Engineering Science prepares students for transfer into baccalaureate programs offered by major engineering institutions. Graduates have found careers in civil, mechanical, electrical, biomedical, chemical and environmental engineering. Mechanical Engineering Technology is a two-year program that prepares students for entry into positions as engineering technicians in the design, production and testing of machines, tools and manufactured products.

Landscape and Horticultural Technology – Earn a degree or certificate from the Landscape and Horticultural Technology Program at CCM and capitalize on your love of nature. Rewarding careers include landscape designer, landscape contractor, landscape management professional, golf course superintendent, and turfgrass or sports field manager. Other careers include arborist or tree care professional, nursery or greenhouse manager, plant propagator, garden center manager, irrigation specialist, landscape lighting specialist, and horticultural sales and marketing representative.

Mathematics – Possess a knack for numbers? The Mathematics curriculum at CCM prepares students to transfer to baccalaureate or professional programs in mathematics. Among the fastest growing careers for those with a math degree are actuarial analysts, accountants, data and investment analysts, research scientists and statisticians, and teachers.

Radiography – Interested in a career in health care? You might want to explore the rapidly expanding world of radiography. Radiologic technologists perform diagnostic imaging examinations. Upon earning their Associate in Applied Science degree, graduates are prepared to enter the field as diagnostic radiographers. They then can pursue specializations in such areas as computed tomography, mammography, MRI, medical dosimetry, nuclear medicine, diagnostic medical sonography, cardiovascular-interventional technology, radiation therapy and diagnostic radiography.

Respiratory Therapy – Possess an interest in both technology and health care? Then you might want to consider a degree in Respiratory Therapy. Respiratory therapists assist physicians in diagnosing breathing disorders, assessing patients and recommending changes in the therapeutic approach to patient care. It’s another field with strong growth as the population of middle-aged and elderly individuals continues to increase.

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