January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month in Morris County

MORRIS COUNTY — At the their meeting on Wednesday, January 25, the Morris County Freeholders proclaimed January 2017 as Human Trafficking Awareness Month. The objective of Human Trafficking Awareness Month is to educate county residents about human trafficking, and to ask them to be cognizant of the same to assist law enforcement rescue victims of this crime.

Human trafficking typically targets vulnerable women and non-English speaking people. There are two types of trafficking, Sex Trafficking and Labor Trafficking. Sex Trafficking results in adult and child victims being subject to commercial sex against their will, while Labor Trafficking occurs when the victim is compelled to work or provide services against their will. Force, coercion or fraud are the common methods used by traffickers to control their victims.

In recognition of this public awareness campaign, Morris County Prosecutor Fredric M. Knapp, as well as Human Trafficking Coordinators, Assistant Prosecutor Laura Magnone and Detective Supervisor Marshall Wang of the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office Sex Crimes / Child Endangerment Unit, were present during the issuance of the proclamation by the Freeholders.

“The Morris County Prosecutor’s Office has aggressively investigated and prosecuted several human trafficking cases under my tenure and will continue to do so,” said Prosecutor Knapp. “Working with the Coalition against Human Trafficking we have sought to educate the public to report any suspected trafficking. By doing so, we can hopefully help those victimized by this scourge. ”

If anyone observes suspicious activity that may be Human Trafficking, please immediately report the situation to your local police department or to the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office at (973) 285-6200.