Mikie Sherrill Takes Questions from Residents in AARP Tele-Town Hall

Candidate Mikie Sherrill

MORRIS COUNTY — Mikie Sherrill participated in a Tele-Town Hall hosted by AARP. With more than 1,300 participants calling in, Mikie Sherrill answered questions from residents across the 11th Congressional District on the future of Social Security, protecting Medicare, and other issues of concern for our seniors.

“Our seniors have contributed to Social Security and Medicare throughout their lives, and rightly want to know that those earned benefits will be there so they can retire with dignity,” said Mikie Sherrill after the event. “From housing, to retirement, to keeping New Jersey affordable so they can retire near their families, Congress must do more for our older residents.”

AARP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that represents 50-plus Americans and their families. With 38 million members, AARP promotes healthcare security, financial security, and helps Americans transition into retirement.