Parsippany’s Successful Water Quality Preservation Efforts

    PARSIPPANY — In June of 2017, the Township of Parsippany-Troy Hills Water Department took account of elevated levels of the chemical PCE in a township water well.  Although the amount of PCE present in the water was at a level allowed under the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s standards, and lower than an amount that could cause any harm to humans, the well was shut down out of an abundance of caution.

    This occurrence was not a random or unexpected event.  The Water Department had been monitoring the well for some time, as is done with all sources of our water, and a shutdown had been planned for a time when the water quality was still completely safe, but beginning to decline.  The search for an additional source, a long-term process, has been progressing for over a year.

    The quality of water provided to Parsippany residents continues to be high under the supervision of the township’s dedicated and experienced Water Department.  The shutdown of this well was a routine operating procedure for the presence of a minor issue.  The proactive approach the township has taken to preserving our water quality should not be misinterpreted or misreported as an emerging situation.  It is no different than trimming a tree with an errant branch.

    Parsippany Water Superintendent John Wieworka stated, “The Parsippany-Troy Hills Water Department must provide safe drinking water to the public. Our water system is regulated by the USEPA (federal) and the NJDEP (state) safe drinking water standards. If our utility was ever in violation of the standards, we would have been required to provide public notification. Our Utility has always provided safe drinking water that meets both federal and state standards. As a utility, we are required to routinely sample for contaminants. Our results can be seen in our annual consumer confidence report which can be found on the Township website; a copy can also be obtained in the lobby of Townhall.”