A Day of Remembrance of 9/11 to be held in Parsippany

    PARSIPPANY — The Township of Parsippany-Troy Hills will hold “A Day of Remembrance of 9/11” on Tuesday, September 11 at 8:30 a.m. at Parsippany-Troy Hills Municipal Building, 1001 Parsippany Boulevard.

    The Master of Ceremonies will be Matt Clarkin, Chief of Staff to the Mayor and Keynote Speaker will be Council President Paul Carifi, Jr.

    Seven Parsippany residents died in the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. Many of them were husbands, wives and parents, but all of them were neighbors and friends in the Parsippany community.

    As we remember them today, read more about their lives, courtesy of obituaries complied on legacy.com.

    Martin Boryczewski
    Boryczewski was remembered as a life-of-the-party type, who loved hanging out with friends as much as he loved his trading job. He grew up in Parsippany, and frequently came home to visit his family, whom he was close with. Read more here.

    Antoinette Duger
    Duger was a devoted mother in a close knit Italian family, who she loved cooking for. She cared deeply for those around her; some of her last words were, “I don’t want them to worry,” her sister said. Read more here.

    Michael John Pescherine
    Perscherine and his wife were expecting a baby at the time of his death, due in March 2002, something that cause him to “scream in delight.” He was remembered as an athlete who loved watching the Giants. Read more here.

    Thomas H. Polhemus
    Thomas Polhemus was remember as loving golf nearly as much as he loved his wife and two sisters. He played through rain and snow three times a week, and would travel to Myrtle Beach to play with friends. Read more here.

    Maria Theresa Santillan
    Maria Santillan was in the middle of planning her wedding to her high school sweetheart when she died. She had long dreamed of working in New York City, and often commuted with her father to the PATH station. Read more here.

    Michael C. Sorresse
    Sorresse was deeply proud of working in the World Trade Center, something he’d tell people as they spotted the towers from the Turnpike. He was a family man who has just bought a home in Morris County. Read more here.

    Jason Kyle Jacobs
    Jason Kyle Jacobs worked in the World Trade Center. He was a partner in Fiduciary Trust Co. and worked in Tower 2. Survivors originally listed: Wife, Jennifer; Daughter, Zoe; Father, Charles; Mother, Marilyn; and Brother, Seth. Read more here.