Parsippany Board of Education election results

Dr. Frank A. Calabria Education Center

PARSIPPANY — The Parsippany Board of Education election results are as follows: There were three positions available.

There were three positions available.

The three members with a term expiring of December 31, 2017 were Timothy P. Berrios, George L. Blair and Andrew Choffo.

As a member of the school board team, they are expected to cooperate with administrators, educators and the community in order to fulfill certain basic responsibilities:

  1. Providing responsible citizen leadership in determining community goals for public education.
  2. Developing a philosophy of education that will become the basis for sound educational decisions on a wide range of issues.
  3. Developing written operation policies to serve as guidelines for action and decision making.
  4. Developing a community understanding of educational issues and school policies through the maintenance of effective communications systems.
  5. Providing adequate financing for the present needs and future plans of the district.
  6. Establishing conditions of the recruitment and evaluation of an excellent professional staff.
  7. Evaluating the educational program of the schools in order to better meet the needs of the students.
  8. Ensuring a quality education for all students by providing adequate facilities and equipment.
  9. Providing the student services necessary for all the pupils of the district.
  10. Engaging in self-improvement and inservice training programs for the purpose of providing intelligent, well-informed leadership.

They should also:

  1. Understand that the responsibility is not to administer the schools, but to work with the board to see that the schools are well run.
  2. Understand that education today is extremely complex.
  3. Listen to opposing views and be able to defend the board’s philosophy and goals.
  4. Be willing to invest the many hours necessary to meet the responsibilities.
  5. Serve out of a sincere desire to benefit the community rather than for personal glory or to carry out personal objectives.
  6. Bear in mind that, as a state official, they have a responsibility to all the children in the state, not solely to those in the local district.