Morris County Clerk Ann Grossi Strongly Rebukes False Statements Made By Morris County Democratic Party Chair

Morris County Clerk Ann F. Grossi, Esq.

PARSIPPANY — Morris County Clerk, Ann F. Grossi, strongly refutes the highly partisan, uninformed, and defamatory remarks published by the Morris County Democratic Committee Chair.

The Clerk’s Office now provides you with fact, rather than fiction.

  1. The paper order in question was ordered by the printer for the new ES&S XL voting machines (“XL voting machine) and was not the wrong size. The 17-inch ballot cards were ordered directly from ES&S, the manufacturer of the new XL voting machines.  These ballots can only be ordered from ES&S and they offer several sizes specifically to be used with the XL voting machine.  The 17-inch ballot cards are one of the available options and the size does not affect the efficiency.  To say that the County Clerk purchased the wrong size ballot cards is patently false.
  2. The issue in Mendham Township regarding discrepancies with voters placed in the wrong congressional district was caused by the programming of the electronic poll book. The poll books maintenance and programming are solely the responsibility of the Board of Elections, and/or their designee.  The County Clerk does not have anything to do with the electronic poll books.
  3. There were no fundamental mistakes made by the County Clerk concerning the length of time voters had to wait to cast their vote in Mendham Township. There simply were not enough XL voting machines to handle the number of voters. The number of voting machines at the polling locations is solely the responsibility of the Board of Elections.
  4. The County Clerk had absolutely nothing to do with the purchase of the XL voting machines, including the number of machines purchased. The XL voting machines were purchased by the County and these voting machines were the voting machines that the Board of Elections wanted.
  5. The voting machines, the number of voting machines purchased, poll workers training and deployed to the polling locations, the number of machines and electronic poll books at each location, maintenance, storage, and delivery of the poll books and voting machines are solely under the purview of the Board of Elections, not the County Clerk.