Letter to the Editor: Jamie Barberio for Mayor, Justin Musella, and Frank Neglia for Town Council

parsippany focus

parsippany focusDear Editor:

In 1980 Republican nominee for President Ronald Reagan asked the country “Are You Better Off Than You Were 4 Years Ago?” Well, our township is just a small part of the United States but a large part of Morris County. So, I ask you if the Township, “The Place to Be: Parsippany,” is better off than it was 4 years ago? If you are then vote for the status quo. However, if you are like me the answer is no. We can use all the canned reasons that it is not, “COVID-19” or “Wearing a Mask” or the “Mean Orange Man”, but that cannot and should not excuse the mismanagement, corruption, and lack of honesty or integrity that we currently have. As I am sure we all know, we cannot change the past we can only learn from it and look towards the future.

Let us talk about the future: Jamie Barberio for Mayor, Justin Musella, and Frank Neglia for Town Council. It is an honor and a pleasure to personally know these gentlemen and to appreciate their commitment to Parsippany Troy-Hills. As a member of your Board of Education over the past 8 years, I have attended many community events not related to the school district, and I always run into these gentlemen. The best part is, usually they are not running for any office, they are just supporting the community. They are smart, direct, and a pleasure to be around.

In the early 2000s, my daughter asked me if I could put up a sign on the lawn for her friend’s father, James Barberio because he was running for Town Council. I did not know him at the time, but I said sure. I have never regretted it. He is a graduate of the Parsippany school system, and he is a township resident. I worked with Mayor Barberio after Hurricane Irene in 2011 helping the cleanup in lower Lake Hiawatha. Not only was he hands-on, but he was a calming voice in a very hectic environment. During Mayor Barberio’s tenure in office, his administration attracted new business and increased Township Rateables He was always there with a smile and a hello. We hear a lot about the “surplus” which is a red herring talking point. Have you looked at your water bill lately? Have you walked through the township lately and asked yourself if this is really what your taxes paid for? This only happened over the past 4 years. Always a friend to the schools and the kids but always understanding the township’s role in Board of Education matters. One of the more notable cooperative efforts between the Barberio administration and the Board of Education was the 2016 enhancement of the SRO program for child safety.

Justin Musella and Frank Neglia are a talented team for the Council. I have known Frank Neglia since 2013 when I first ran for the Board of Education and came up short. Frank encouraged me to run again in 2014 and I did and won. As part of the Board, Frank’s focus has always been his commitment to the children of Parsippany and doing what is right by children. Frank, as the Board of Education President, and I traveled to China not only representing the school district but Parsippany and New Jersey. Frank then helped reciprocate that and gladly hosted school-aged children from China when they came to New Jersey.

Justin Musella is a stand-up guy. He brings a sense of pride in his town, community, and passion for others wherever he goes. I met Justin about 2 years ago at a Republican committee event and he hooked me. His passion and energy for Parsippany and life are uplifting. I enjoy having policy discussions with him because he brings a unique prospecting and youthful attitude which is refreshing. He is an infusion of new ideas and youthful enthusiasm that not only the Parsippany Republican party needs but the Town Council desperately needs as well.

Timothy Berrios
Parsippany, New Jersey

Editor’s note: Tim Berrios is a member of the Parsippany Board of Education and is speaking for himself as a tax-paying citizen and does not speak for the Board of Education or Parsippany School district.