Letter to the Editor: The Biggest Friend to the Indian Community: Justin Musella

parsippany focus

parsippany focusDear Editor:

I was disappointed to begin my day with the latest letter to the editor in support of the Soriano campaign and the far-reaching accusations against one of their opponents that were included. Without rehashing what was said, I feel it’s necessary to give residents my perspective on Justin Musella, and how supportive he has been of my community and why it is important he be elected on November 2.

Justin Musella has been the most vocal candidate on the campaign trail in his support of the Indian community and has a well-earned reputation for his dedication and friendship to our cause. He is the only candidate that has consistently shown up to events when asked, the only candidate who has made it clear he will fight to represent our interests regardless of who will be Mayor, and most importantly, is the only candidate who has brought attention to the Indian community consistently through his online outreach. He has also committed to pressuring the Mayor on finally coming through with a regulation cricket field, a promise that Soriano repeated time and time again in the last election with nothing to show for it in four years.

Musella’s campaign has also kept issues local, with a focus on areas that affect residents in their day-to-day lives while his opponent focuses on national issues to distract residents. When you hear Musella talk at events, it’s evident that he wants to make the town work for residents and lift some of the burdens of the past raises in utility and tax rates. Let’s be honest, taxes have spiraled out of control with proposed increases of 4-6% every year until this year (an election year). We’ve all seen our water bills increase by 50%. These are issues that affect us daily, and with Musella we know he is dedicated to ending these practices.

By contrast, his opponent Cori Herbig has made it crystal clear she would be a political pawn of Mayor Soriano in raising taxes further and causing more stress for residents. With Janice McCarthy and Emily Peterson declining to run again, it’s important we have elected officials who will buck the party line if it’s in the best interest of the town. It also seems that the only issue that she has really made any comment on is that of gun-safety, an area that Parsippany has no impactful issue in.

With all this in mind, it’s important we don’t repeat the mistakes of the last four years. Electing Soriano and Herbig would mean higher taxes for residents, more negative headlines, and a mess that will take years to clean up. I strongly urge all residents to vote for Justin Musella for Township Council this November.

Casey Parikh