Letter to the Editor: 138 days in office. What’s Happening with LPPOA

parsippany focus

parsippany focusDear Editor:

March 1, 2021, will be 138 days since the new board members were installed, following the September election.
Most of the new additions to the board lived in the lake for years and enjoyed the well-maintained lake’s beauty.  Many of the new board members ran on the platform, stating they could better manage the lake than those involved and committed long-term members. Members who have volunteered for years where no one else would.  The membership voted in favor of this new administration.

Let’s see how they are doing at 138 days in office.
To date: All of the staff has quit.

Two dedicated board members have resigned.

Created instability and propagated divide amongst the board. This was evident when the president gave his last-minute version of the budget.  It appeared to contradict what the board had already agreed to present.  His version was not presented during the board meeting and published in the news and views.

Two thousand twenty-one invoices have not been published or sent. They should have gone out on or about January 1, 2021.

Collections have stopped.

The approved budget is still in jeopardy as the fees presented can’t cover it.

There has been no published plan for badge distribution.

There does not appear to be a plan to replace staff.

No plan to open beaches.

Announced multiple committees. Only one committee has met, according to information reported at board meetings.  Most who have stepped up are long-term members.

Changed the news and views without even mentioning it to the board or the current Editors.

There have been no plans announced to do any repairs.

Water quality and landscaping seem to be the only thing that will continue for this year because there are 2-year contracts from the previous administration.

The redundant answer has been “we are new and learning.” Clearly, this contradicts the platform of “we know how to do it better.”   The LPPOA is a business, and focusing on only one thing is not how a company works.

The member survey results reported to the board were very eye-opening.  It seems all that responded want more offerings but have no interest in helping them become a reality.

Wake up, members. You need to get involved and stay involved, or our community will not survive.

Charlotte O’Connor
Lake Parsippany