The Beyroutey Family Needs Your Help

Beyroutey Family

PARSIPPANY — The Beyroutey family could really use your help. Mike Beyroutey is a small business owner in Parsippany, and like many others impacted by this pandemic, COVID destroyed any chance of work in 2020 – bankrupting our family business.

As if it couldn’t go from bad to worse, on August 24 under stress and pressure, he experienced a stroke. As a man who has always had a physically laborious job and worked with his hands, his physical capacity and dexterity were affected and my dad was not able to return to work.

Beyroutey Family

During his recovery, the doctors revealed he also has stage three kidney failure. The donations collected will be used to cover medical expenses that are being incurred. The family currently has him scheduled for a biopsy of the right kidney on January 13 with surgery soon to follow. With no health insurance, all these bills currently piling up my mom, siblings, feel crippled financially. Please help the family get their father back.

Without an 80% deposit on surgeries and procedures, they are unable to get the necessary care from the talented and skilled professionals at Morristown Medical Center.

“My dad, who is my hero, did many great things for our family. Now it’s our turn to do something great for him,” said Joseph Beyroutey.

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