Letter to the Editor: Randolph Police Should Not Get Involved in Peacefull Rally

parsippany focus

parsippany focusDear Editor:

As a 38 year resident and supporter of local police, I was very dismayed that the Randolph Police got involved with politics. There were recent two rallies in Randolph, one for Black Lives Matters held at Freedom Park and one protesting for Reopening of Small Businesses at Mt Freedom Tennis Center.

I strongly believe that BOTH groups who both appeared to be obeying social distancing should have the right to conduct their peaceful protests. It appears that the Randolph Police had chosen which rallies they approved off by issuing tickets to the tennis club owners.

In my 38 years of living in Randolph, I have never seen the Randolph Police Department exercise selective enforcement apparently based upon political considerations. I ask that the police department reconsider their reaction and rescind these tickets. If they do not, I hope either the town prosecutor or county persecutor if necessary rescinds the tickets.

Peaceful protest and equal protection under the law should be the rights of all citizens.

Arthur Lee