Feral cat colony seemingly vanished

Photo of Managed Cat Colony taken on Tuesday, March 5, 2019 at an undisclosed location in Parsippany. Although Parsippany received several inches of snow on Monday, a path was quickly shoveled to access the cats for feeding

PARSIPPANY — A concerned citizen recently reached out to Parsippany Focus after a feral cat colony she was feeding seemingly vanished. While the colony is no longer evident at the location where they previously had been, reaching out to Parsippany Animal Control resulted in a statement being made by the Parsippany Police.  Essentially, it reiterates the town’s spring 2019 ordinance permitting trap, neuter and release (TNR), while operating within certain guidelines.

According to Sergeant Brian Conover,  Public Information Officer, “We are aware that a post was made on social media regarding the disappearance of a community/feral cat colony, which was located near Route 46.  I can confirm that our Animal Control personnel were aware of the colony prior to the post, however they did not have any involvement in the supposed disappearance. Further, Animal Control has spoken with another caregiver who feeds community/feral cats in that area and confirmed that she is still feeding approximately 10 cats.”

When information regarding the other person feeding the cats was requested, the information was not able to be shared. If this feeder will contact Parsippany Focus, we will gladly connect the two feeders, so that the person who is concerned can be assured of the safety and wellbeing of the colony. (news@parsippanyfocus.com).

In asking for some general guidelines regarding caring for feral cats in Parsippany, Sgt. Conover said, “Community cats, also known as feral cats, may be cared for on property not owned by the citizens caring for them, only after receiving permission from the owner or property manager.  If you are caring for a community cat or community cat colony, caregivers are permitted during daylight hours to feed them. Food must be offered to cats in a container and shall not be dumped on the ground. Any food remaining after the cats have eaten, must be removed before dark. Feeding areas must be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition.”

The full Parsippany-Troy Hills TNR ordinance language can be found online by clicking here.