Police Officers have Trading Cards … Collect all 53

Patrolman Robert Smolen gives two year old Jackson Kobeszko his "Officer Trading Card"

PARSIPPANY — The Parsippany Police Department’s Community Policing Division and Youth Services Section have teamed up to create a “Police Officer Trading Card Program.”

Officer Robert Smolen “Police Officer Trading Card”

Earlier this year, Youth Services Counselor, Ms. Sullivan-Fullerton presented the idea and once the department got the program rolling, 53 of the Parsippany-Troy Hills Police Officers decided to join in on the fun.

They encourage all kids, including teenagers in our community to introduce themselves to a Parsippany Police Officer to get one of their trading cards. Officer Robert Smolen had an opportunity to speak to two year old Jackson Kobeszko and give him one of his card at Lake Parsippany Park.

After a conversation with the Officer, they will give you one of their trading cards. If they don’t have one, that’s okay too, you made a new friend! Parsippany is a wonderful community and we are excited that our Officers can interact with the children on a friendly and positive basis.

Here is a list of the officers participating in this program. You can click here to download the list, print it out and collect all 53 cards.