Letter to the editor: No political events should be held at public library

parsippany focus

parsippany focusDear Editor:

Monday morning, October 29, 2018, I read an article by a New Jersey news media that Robert Menendez US senate candidate had a political rally attended by Governor Murphy at Parsippany Main Library.

I was quite disturbed, because ten years ago Republican candidates from Morris County had a rally at the same place and I expressed my consternation to the Library Director that such events should not be held at any library for several reasons: The library is a facility of learning, a quiet atmosphere and what security measures were in place to ensure the safety of the libraries occupants.

The Library Director ten years ago committed to me that no such events would occur again at the library.

The town council should pass ordinance banning such events at any public facilities. To the best of my knowledge no political events were every held at public facilities by  republican township candidates.

Roy Messmer