Prosecutor Honors United States Military Veterans Serving at Prosecutor’s Office

MORRIS COUNTY — In honor of Veterans Day, several years ago Morris County Prosecutor Fredric M. Knapp began the annual tradition of recognizing U.S. Military Veterans who serve in the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office.

Prosecutor Knapp and his command staff again celebrated Veterans Day with members of the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office who served in the United States Armed Forces before pursuing a career with the Prosecutor’s Office.  Currently, there are (11) members who are U.S. Veterans.  The following list identifies each member, and the respective military branch in which they served:

Chief of Staff Daniel Pfeiffer U.S. Army
Captain Robert McNally U.S. Marines
Lieutenant Harrison Dillard U.S. Army
Detective Supervisor Michael Gomez U.S. Army
Detective Jimmy Atoche U.S. Army
Detective Joseph Ellis U.S. Army
Detective Muhammad Thomas U.S. Marines
Assistant Prosecutor Julian Hill U.S. Army
Assistant Prosecutor Robert Preziosi U.S. Army
Director Al Imperiale U.S. Army
Agent John Jespersen U.S. Marines


Appointed to the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office in 2017, Detective Joseph Ellis and Detective Muhammad Thomas were also recognized as being the newest members to be added to the Veteran’s Honor Roll.  The following information reflects their service accomplishments.

Detective Joseph Ellis
July 2008 – December 2008
Basic Training and Military Police Training
Fort Lenardwood, Missouri

December 2008 – February 2010
Reassigned to 1st Brigade, 10th Mountain Division
Fort Drum, NY. Served as a Patrol Officer and Crew

Serve Gunner
February 2010 – March 2011
Deployed 1st Brigade, 10th Mountain Division.
Afghanistan.  Served as a Gunner/ Driver

March 2011- May 2012
Redeployed to 1st Brigade, 10th Mountain Division. Fort Drum, NY
Served as a Patrol Officer and Crew Serve Gunner

May 2012- July 2013
Deployed to 719th Military Intelligence Battalion
Camp Humphreys, South Korea.  Security Officer

Awards Received
Combat Action Badge
Drivers Badge
Four Army Commendation Medals
One Army Achievement Medal
NJ Distinguished Service Award

Detective Muhammad Thomas
January 1999 – April 1999
Marine Corps Recruit Training Battalion
Paris Island, South Carolina

May 1999 – June 1999
Marine Corps School of Infantry
Camp Lejeune, North Carolina

June 1999 – June 2001
Third Battalion, First Marine Division.
Assigned to 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit
October 2000 USS Cole Bombing Advance Security

June 2001 – January 2002
First Battalion, First Marine Division
Assigned to the 15 Marine Expeditionary Unit
Combat Missions in Afghanistan / Northern Pakistan

January 2002 – August 2003
Third Battalion, First Marine Division
October 2002
Operation Eager Mace Falylaka Island Attack

January 2003 – August 2003
Combat Operations in Iraq
Battle of Nasiriyah

“The members of the Prosecutor’s Office who selflessly sacrificed for our Nation by serving in our armed forces have fortunately selected a career path serving the citizens of Morris County.  It gives me great honor to recognize each of them for their past and current service to our citizens”, said Prosecutor Knapp.