ATNJ Congratulates Murphy on Winning the Democratic Nomination

NEW JERSEY — The grassroots group of 18,000 members across the state offers our congratulations to Phil Murphy, who bested all other candidates in the Democratic primaries to become our nominee for Governor of New Jersey. They are united in solidarity as Democrats to work to get Phil elected in November to become New Jersey’s next governor.  We need a Democrat to undo all the damage done by Governor Chris Christie.  We expect Phil to fulfill – or, fulPHIL – his campaign promises in order to make gains in the years ahead for New Jerseyans, including:

  • PHIL up our pension system – that Chris Christie and his administration underfunded and mismanaged.
  • PHIL up the pay stubs of our working families – with tax fairness ensuring the wealthiest 1% will pay a fair share of their income.
  • PHIL up the minimum wage to $15 – so that if someone is working full time, they should not be in poverty.
  • PHIL up the paychecks of women – who have long been underpaid, hurting them and their families – by signing the Equal Pay legislation into law that passed both houses but yet was vetoed by Chris Christie.
  • FulPHIL our rights as citizens to live in a safe and just world – protecting Women’s Rights to earn the same wage for the same work; restoring funding for women’s health that Chris Christie denied for 7+ years; fixing the racist criminal justice system that targets People of Color; ensuring safety and equality for LGBTQ community; protecting our immigrants in New Jersey from the Trump and GOP administration’s harmful policies; and speaking out against Islamaphobia fueled by the GOP administration.
  • FulPHIL our promise to our veterans – by developing jobs and skills training, supporting Veteran-owned businesses, providing mental health services for those coming home from serving, and supporting our military families.

These are just some of the progressive policies that Phil Murphy has promised in his campaign. For those of us who did not vote for Phil, they are nonetheless united in supporting Phil as our Democratic gubernatorial candidate in the general election. For those of us who voted for Phil, he earned the votes based on these promises.  And they will ALL hold him to it.

The 2016 election inspired millions of Americans to fight for the progressive values that they believe in. Action Together New Jersey, part of the grassroots national network, Action Together Network (ATN), was formed as thousands of New Jersey residents banded together to help secure a more inclusive and progressive future for our state and our country.

Action Together Network is a growing grassroots group from all over the Garden State, and we share a passion for equal rights, for progressive ideals, and for building a brighter future for all Americans. We are your neighbors, your friends, and your coworkers. And while we don’t always see eye to eye on every issue (just look at the pork roll/Taylor ham divide), we combine our talents, our smarts, and our scrappy, underdog mentality to make Jersey Strong—and our nation stronger.

A few of the causes they value and fight for include:

Racial Justice, Reproductive Rights, Environmental Concerns, Women’s Rights, LGBTQ+ Rights, Common Sense Gun Laws, Immigration, Education, Healthcare, Social Services, Criminal Justice Reform, Electoral Reform, Finance and Economic Reform, smart Foreign Policy, Workers’ Rights, Civil Rights Protection and Expansion, and Military and Veterans Issues.




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