Letter to the Editor: Parsippany is Being Threatened by Union Buddies

parsippany focus

parsippany focusDear Editor:

Well, well, well Mayor Barberio has been in office for just 11 months and it’s already “forward to the past” for Parsippany residents.

In just 11 months, Mayor Barberio has imposed a 14% tax increase on Parsippany taxpayers (opposed only by Councilman Musella), orchestrated a quid pro quo sweetheart deal for which Mayor Barberio got $50,000 in campaign contributions from unions in exchange for Mayor Barberio ramming through the unnecessary and potentially expensive PLA (opposed only by Councilman Musella). And now surprise, surprise, Parsippany is being threatened by the Mayor’s union buddies with a potentially costly lawsuit aimed at intimidating Councilman Musella and punishing Parsippany residents.

Extraordinary tax increases, a quid pro deal that benefited the Mayor and hurt Parsippany residents, and the threat of lawsuits by the Mayor’s union cronies aimed at intimidating and silencing Councilman Musella.

Welcome back, Jamie. Nothing seems to have changed since you were Mayor five years ago except that now Parsippany has a Councilman who has the integrity to stand up for Parsippany’s residents.

Bob Crawford