Another Taco Bell Coming to Parsippany

The Inn Crowd will be replaced with a Taco Bell Restaurant

PARSIPPANY — The Parsippany-Troy Hills Planning Board approved unanimously Application No 22.504 to replace the former The Inn Crowd with a Taco Bell.

The property is located at 285 Route 46 East. It is also known as Block 767, Lot 3.01.

The Taco Bell was approved to construct a 2,500 square feet building, with 50 indoor seats, 10 outdoor seats, 36 parking spots and a drive thru. Entrances will be from Route 46 East as well as Edwards Road.

Walter E. Williamson

The building was constructed in 1967 and eventually became the “The Inn Crowd.”

Walter Williamson purchased The Inn Crowd in 1972, which he ran throughout the remainder of his life. He passed away on April 22, 2020 at age 92.

According to officials from Taco Bell, construction is expected to begin in late fall.

There is another Taco Bell at 1560 Route 46 West, approximately three miles west.

The law firm Inglesino, Webster, Wyciskala & Taylor represented Taco Bell at the hearing.

The Inn Crowd