Letter to the Editor: On the Delayed Budget Parsippany Who is Responsible Council or Mayor, Is it Really a Crisis or a Fabrication? 

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Dear Editor:

Can not help to think, the Budget is being used as a mechanism to impede the Soriano Administration. Why has not the municipal budget been approved? Ask the republican council.

The town is still functioning; and at least we stopped raiding the water/sewer surplus which should be held in trust for those purposes only; which apparently they were not. (The former Christie Administration used raiding State Funds held in trust for certain purposes for tax fixed; notability Open Space Monies; Barberio was a big Christie supported).

Without seeing COVID’s background in all this is simply using the pandemic for political mind-bending.

If Par rating was AAA, how could this have suddenly changed; “by Council holding up a budget”? A former Soriano Administrator proposed a $4.32 a month average tax hike rejected by the council, that would have done the trick…Why was this rejected?

Council may reduce any item or items in the mayor’s budget by a vote of a majority of the council, but an increase in any item or items therein shall become effective only upon an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the Members of Council…

August 3, 2021 meeting should be interesting on the subject of the Water System Update; which was in a state of entropy; how much is that costing, and is it depending on a deficit in the surplus caused by former raiding of those funds by the former administration? ( Councilwoman McCarthy explained this in detail)

Is the 15% tax raise Councilman dePierro referring to the water/sewer rate increased voted on by Council to financially manage the degraded water infrastructure? (The slight monthly tax increase would of cover it, along with letting the water/sewer surplus not be raided for other purposes. The senior state tax freeze would have returned this tax raise to resident taxpayers the fee imposed does not.

The former administration had no transparency in its payments to former attorney Inglesino, his Aurora Security hiring for the Carifi Fiasco, and the over $4 million of “local open space funding” that was surrendered to RD developer for a buffer called open space at Waterview. The fact that our water infrastructure was in need of upgrades and suffering from age, was ignored. Where were the disturbed minds then?

Our 2-Party system has divided the US; rather than allowing elements of dynamic human possibilities to have a dialogue we limit ourselves to arguments and taking sides. All is the scene for or against; rather than a true Method of enquiring into the bottom of things and impartially judging according to the weight of proper merit. So it’s simple any democrat can never be right about anything, and lies and distortions prevail. Including those stated by Political BOE members against the Mayor accusing Police to be taken from schools.

Faulkner Act (OMCL) Mayor-Council-Administrator NJSA:40:69A-149 et. seq. VOTERS ELECT MAYOR

Presides over Council. Exercises the executive power of the municipality. Votes only to break ties. Has veto subject to override by 2/3 of all Council members. Appoints municipal clerk, administrator, attorney, tax collector, tax assessor, treasurer, and department heads with Council approval. May remove department heads upon written notice to Council.

Exercises legislative power of the municipality. Approves Mayor’s appointees for municipal clerk, administrator, attorney, tax collector, tax assessor, treasurer, and department heads. May remove department heads for cause after a hearing. Prepares budget with the assistance of municipal administrator and treasurer.

Nick Homyak