Letter to the Editor: Response to Mr. dePierro’s Letter to the Editor

parsippany focus

parsippany focusDear Editor:

I read with interest Michael dePierro’s Letter to the Editor in which he called upon the silent majority to vote for President Trump and the Republican candidates up and down the ballot. No surprise there although I do believe that three weeks before the election there are very few undecided voters as evidenced by the nine million Americans who have already cast their ballot indicating that the “majority” won’t be “silent” November 3. I trust that Mr. dePierro believes that voting by mail, whether by Republicans, Democrats and Independents, is an efficient and safe way vote to vote in the midst of a pandemic.

With that said, I hope and expect that Mr. dePierro will join me in expressing his support for the peaceful transfer of power once the votes across America have been counted and certified. With a record number of Americans expected to vote that tally may not be completed on election night or in the immediate days that follow but once completed the American people’s will must be respected and work by leaders on both sides of the aisle must begin immediately to bring all Americans together.

Bob Crawford