Letter to the editor: Unfriendly Official Town Website Continues!

parsippany focus

parsippany focusDear Editor:

Despite several complaints at Council Meetings, phone calls and personal contact, Parsippany’s official website continues to be user unfriendly. Absolutely no former user friendly or positive aspects of the former webpage were incorporated. Why have not one Council member or the Mayor himself looked into this?

Having been brought to your attention, on several occasions. The website continues as before. How are “concerned citizens” suppose to find relevant times and places to organize, with problems or concerns which affect our lives?

Jack the webmaster seems apathetic; ignoring this situation. The fact that he had to offered classes how to use the site, says much. No one apparently attended these classes of inconvenient nature; most likely because no one could find them on the website.

If it was not for Frank Cahill/Parsippany Focus, no one would know anything. The fact is this “new website” format is not conducive to the public or local democratic involvement in municipal issues. It is a mistake to allow it to continue this way. The prior site had very visible and obvious presentation of meetings and agendas; their only flaw was at times, failure to provide agendas and minutes; especially for Planning, Zoning Boards.

The new website is a detriment to public communications.  It is challenging to find meetings and data on meeting dates, has been incorrect.

No one on the town council or in the administration seems to care. This is another attempt at corrective criticism. Does “we the people” mean anything anymore on any level of governance anywhere in this nation?
Nick Homyak