Letter to the editor: Vote for Heather Darling

parsippany focus

parsippany focusDear Editor:

My mother lived by herself and was always independent. She would not let anyone take care of her and had no interest at all in anyone having power of attorney over her Affairs as many times as my brothers and I tried to take care of her.

A day came when she couldn’t take care of herself anymore and she needed to go into a facility immediately. Thanks to Heather Darling, my family was able to work together to select a Guardian for my mom, me, and I was able to get her into Regency in Dover as soon as she was released from the hospital because her condition necessitated her being in for a few days.

Heather Darling guided us through the surrogates process masterfully and we had the utmost confidence that we were in the best of hands at all times.

Our paperwork, the doctor’s paperwork, the accounting and everything was put together and submitted to the surrogate’s court by Ms. Darling and on the day of our hearing, to our surprise, I was asked about three questions by judge Thomas Weisenbeck and it was over.

I was my mother’s Guardian; she was able to stay in Regency and Ms. Darling recommended another woman who was able to guide us through the Medicaid red tape.

She is not a paper pusher. Heather Darling is someone who stepped into the middle of our family crisis when we sought her assistance and did everything she could do immediately to help us take care of our mom the best way we could.  I am sure, based on the way Ms. Darling handled our case, she goes over and above for all of her clients. I frequently see her out working hard for the residents of Morris County as a Freeholder and I have the utmost confidence that Heather Darling is the only choice for surrogate.

On Tuesday, November 5, I urge you to vote for Heather darling for Morris County surrogate.

Ray Nouhan