Letter to the editor: I support Mike dePierro, Paul Carifi, Jr and Loretta Gragnani

parsippany focus

parsippany focusDear Editor,

Democratic Council Vice-President Janice McCarthy has said ” it’s understandable that taxpayers are angry at Mayor Soriano for raising our property taxes again.” She also indicated that she supports taxes for the upcoming years! I am very concerned about this mindset and policy taking control of Parsippany government.

Mayor Soriano and the Democrats have supported a local budget that contained significant property tax increases while blaming the previous administration for the Township’s financial position. However, the current administration has spent hundreds of thousands of additional monies creating jobs throughout the township’s government for political supporters. Also, some of the existing positions have removed qualified people and replaced them with unqualified people.

The Mayor supports the policies of his Political ally Governor Murphy. He has been committed to raising taxes which has resulted in chasing jobs out of New Jersey. People are leaving New Jersey more than any other state, and it is because of the heavy tax burdens on our residents.

Here is the bottom line. If voters elect just one Democrat to the Council in November, it will give the administration complete control of the government. Our township needs balanced government and a check on the agenda of both the Mayor and the Governor.

That is why I am proudly supporting Mike dePierro, Paul Carifi, Jr and Loretta Gragnani. They will be the Republican team that we need.

Eric Densmore