Letter to the editor: Bring to the better governance and quality of life in Parsippany

parsippany focus

parsippany focusDear Editor:

I’m disheartened in seeing the discussion about this year’s Municipal Budget descend into the partisan nonsense that has paralyzed National politics in the last decade.

Both sides are taking advantage of a uninformed voting population using ‘soundbites’ rather than engaging in meaningful dialogue. Throwing numbers back and forth with no context is of value to no one.

I call on both sides to shorten their view to the task at hand rather than looking to score points towards the coming election.

The Administration has been challenged on the new hires in Town Hall since the last election, The taxpayers of Parsippany are owed an explanation on what cost benefit analysis was done before increasing the payroll at Town Hall.

Likewise, the Council should show some signs of intellectual curiosity and address a problem with an open mind rather than simply taking a partisan stance. Rather than reject the proposed filling of 13 white and blue color positions out of hand, each should be analyzed to determine the value it would bring to the better governance and quality of life in Parsippany. For example would the proposed hire of another housing officer be tasked with addressing the problem of stacking in the Township? If so, that expense would quickly pay dividends.

The use of Water and Sewer Authority revenues to defray increases in the General Fund is a gimmick the town has become addicted to. We need to wean ourselves off this drug without compromising the integrity of this important infrastructure. But there is a balance that needs to be struck so as not to shock the General Fund or taxpayers.

I ask that that both of the more primary news outlets in Parsippany demonstrate some journalistic integrity and hold our elected officials accountable by asking unbiased thoughtful questions of the Administration and Council and report their findings here rather than lower yourselves to be being the propaganda arm of your preferred party.

Wilton Marto
Lake Hiawatha