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No Shave November

Parsippany-Troy Hills Patrol Officer Ryan Taylor
Parsippany-Troy Hills Patrol Officer Ryan Taylor

PARSIPPANY — During the month of November, the members of Parsippany PBA Local #131 participated in “No Shave November.”

One in nine men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer, including more than 164,000 throughout the U.S. this year alone.

Each officer who wishes to grow a beard during November will be donating to “Zero-The End of Prostate Cancer.”

As of this day Parsippany-Troy Hills Patrolman Ryan Taylor is taking the lead with $566.00 in donations.

Parsippany-Troy Hills Police Officers raised a total of $3,548.00.

If anyone would like to donate click on the member below, or click here for Parsippany PBA page.

Ryan Taylor $566.00
Earl Kinsey $327.00
Steven Kurza $137.00
Jkornas $75.00
William Stone $75.00
Coop $50.00
Dan $50.00
Scott Baker $50.00
Ron Carrozzino $50.00
Denis DeMuro $50.00
Allan Griffin $50.00
Steven Miller $50.00
James Seeger $50.00
Andy Van Orden $50.00
Jason Lubeck $36.00
Elvin Giordano $00.00
Parsippany PBA 131 $50.00
Team Gifts $1,682