Letter to Senator Pennacchio

Proposed development at 1515 Route 10. The project will offer public event space for the community to gather, surrounded by retail, dining and services.

A copy of a letter from Roy Messmer to Senator Pennacchio and his Chief of Staff Amy.

Dear Senator Pennacchio and Amy:

The developers agreement voted on November 20, 2018 aka PILOT in Parsippany, yes 3 to 2, is why politics in NJ is so despicable.

How can State Legislators pass statues that benefit developers so much and put a heavy tax burden on the working class?

This pilot in Parsippany has 441 apartments of which NO TAX DOLLARS goes to the BOE, based on empirical data in Parsippany apartment units totaling 7,200 units, these 441 units will place between 125 to 150 students in the school system. The expert the developer is paying for quotes the number to be much lower based on Rutgers University study, believe me those graduate students do not know what they are doing.

What he should have used are factual numbers from the Parsippany BOE.

Also, the PILOT will only pay 5% to the County of Morris, the taxpayers of Parsippany will pay 10.5%. For the record, I publicly supported the UPS pilot in Parsippany before I left New Jersey, that was a total commercial development.

Ask councilpersons dePierro, Gragnani, and Peterson, how could they vote yes when such a large tax burden will be placed on the other taxpayers.

Your fellow state legislators must address this situation ASAP. A few months ago you advised your senior citizens to take advantage of the PTR, well about the young hardworking middle class.

By the way, please close up the two loopholes in the PTR program. It was pretty sad that I uncovered the first loophole several years back. Senator a few years ago you ask me why I am leaving New Jersey, what I delineated in this memo is one of the several reasons and I am glad I am out of NJ.

The current governor will certainly put the last nail in the coffin for the once great State of NJ.

You know how to reach me, I am always available.

Roy Messmer