Letter to the editor: Thwarting the will of the People

parsippany focus

parsippany focusDear Editor:

Council President Louis Valori introduced Resolution No. 2017:187 at the final regular Council meeting held on Tuesday, December 19 to thwart the will of the people who voted him out of office (and the Mayor too).

The People of Parsippany voted for new leadership and to rid the town of the Township Attorney John Inglesino who was appointed by Mayor James Barberio. This move to prevent the new Mayor from starting with a clean slate is an attempt by the losers of the election to handicap the new administration.

John Inglesino is a partisan who will do anything to undercut the new Mayor and the will of the People.  As Town Attorney he is an employee, yet at Town Council meetings he berates residents who speak up against motions or actions he is in fovor of and benefits from.  No employee should be allowed to verbally attack any resident for speaking their mind.  Anyone who attends Council meetings knows that he speaks more than anyone on the Council with the exception of Lou Valori.  His actions make it clear he cannot serve on the council or the people in Parsippany.  He interests are his paycheck and undercutting the will of the People of Parsippany.

The resolution was approved 3-0 with two members abstaining. Council President Louis Valori, Councilman Michael dePierro and Councilwoman Loretta Gragnani voted to approve the resolution, while Council Vice President Robert Peluso and Councilman Paul Carifi, Jr., abstained.

The People of Parsippany removed the Mayor and Council President and John Inglesino was one of the primary reasons they had to go.  This attempt by the Council to leave in place an employee who has put his agenda ahead of the People of Parsippany is an affront.  Councilman Michael dePierro and Councilwoman Loretta Gragnani need to be replaced for putting Party before the People.  I will remember this at the next election and I hope others do as well.

Thank you for your time and have a great day!

Brian Tappan