Democrat Council Candidate: Nicholas Kumburis

Council Candidate Nicholas Christopher Kumburis

Full Name: Nicholas Christopher Kumburis

Office Seeking: Parsippany Town Council

Party lines: Moderate Democrat

Campaign website:

Facebook Page:

What community do you live in? Lake Parsippany

How long have you lived there? 10 years

How old are you? 42

Provide family information: I am married to Sue Martin. We have two children, Olivia, 8, and Matthew, 6.

What is your education background? Rutgers University – MBA in Pharmaceutical Management; Montclair State University – BA in Biology (Chemistry Minor); Villanova University – Lean Six Sigma Green Belt; Villanova University – Master Certificate in Project Management.

Why do you think you are qualified for this position? I am a US Veteran, with a bachelor’s degree in Biology and Chemistry and an MBA in Pharmaceutical Management. Professionally, my career has focused on identifying the root cause of issues and finding cost effective solutions to complex problems. My Six Sigma experience helps me to streamline processes creating cost effective work flows. My MBA from Rutgers Business School in Newark, gave me experience in Urban Entrepreneurship and Negotiations. I experienced firsthand the revitalization of Newark’s urban centers and will apply those principles and my network to help develop policies conducive to filling our retail and office vacancies. I work full time and am self-sufficient. I cannot and will not be bought by special interest groups. My integrity will not allow it.

Why are you running for this elected office? My children are my prime motivation. I am running to make sure that Parsippany is still a great place to live when they are old enough to raise families. Unfortunately, in the 10 years I have lived in Parsippany, I have seen a lot of change. Developers have imposed their will by gobbling up open spaces, building unnecessary office and retail spaces which now lay vacant. These same developers have begun funding superPacs to affect local elections creating friction at the local level. I am frustrated by what is going on and I want to make a difference.

What are the three issues that most concern you?

  • Preserving open/historic spaces: Parsippany is home to many pre- and post-Revolutionary War sites. This once agrarian has been rapidly over developed with no heed to the Master Plan or the Highlands act. Historic sites like Greystone are being demolished and open spaces are being consumed by urban sprawl.
  • Attracting businesses to fill vacancies: There have been years of bad development which has resulted a high number of vacant office buildings and retail spaces
  • End political in-fighting: Lawsuits have plagued our town government over recent years at the taxpayer’s expense.

Explain your proposed approach to managing these issues.

    • I will vote to preserve the remaining historical sites and open spaces. I will vote against any development of Waterview, the Golf Course in Mt. Tabor and any encroachment of the Stickley Property. Areas truly in need of redevelopment will be repurposed first, like flood damaged homes in Lake Hiawatha and the aging office buildings no longer technologically fit to attract new businesses. I will push to ensure we become Highlands Act compliant, which will give our natural resources the added protection that they deserve.
    • As a student at Rutgers I studied Urban Entrepreneurship and saw firsthand how proper planning and development turned around the inner city of Newark. These same development principles can be applied to any town. By creating incubators for small businesses and start-ups we can develop our own home grown talent truly invested in the betterment of Parsippany. In the spirit of “Live Local, Work Local”, businesses created by Parsippany residents are much less likely to leave.
    • I have always taken the high road in business, life and my dealings with others. I have made it a point to work cooperatively with those around me. I have learned that by understanding the other party’s needs and interests one can work out an optimal solution without animosity. I am confident I can work with each of the candidates, current members of council and the Mayor without creating an antagonistic scenario or sacrificing my principles.

Have you held elected office before? Please provide details of what position and for how long. Morris County Democratic Committee member (Parsippany District 15) 2012-Present

What organizations do you belong to? St. Andrew Lutheran Church (former Council VP/ Sunday School Teacher). Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks (BPOE #2078). Lake Parsippany Property Owners Association (LPPOA). Morris County Democratic Committee member (Parsippany District 15). American Society for Quality (ASQ). Project Management Institute (PMI).