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Deborah Orme – Candidate for Township Council

Debate Questions for Council Candidates:

  1. Pride in Parsippany is an important part of why many choose our Township as their home. Why did you decide to settle in Parsippany, and what makes you proud to be a resident?

My parents moved to Parsippany when I was 5 years old and I enjoyed a wonderful, safe, fun childhood here along with a great education, and that feeling about Parsippany has never left. When I had the option to choose where to live and raise my own family, it was an easy decision to give my children that same opportunity. One of my favorite things about Parsippany is that small town, know your neighbors, everybody lends a hand feels in this wonderful town of hard-working, dedicated community members taking care of, and looking out for each other and that is something we all have to be proud about here in Parsippany.

  1. Tell us about your family life and what living in Parsippany means to you.

I’m blessed with a kind, supportive husband, four great children, and three wonderful grandchildren. We can often be found enjoying warm weather time at Lake Parsippany or exploring and having fun at some of Parsippany’s great parks and fields. There is no better feeling than knowing my family, from my mother down to my baby grandson are all safe and happy in our great hometown of Parsippany.

  1. What is your primary motivation to serve the residents of Parsippany as a Councilmember?

Service to our community has always been a priority for me and it is apparent that we need elected officials who value their opportunity to serve and who will represent our community’s interests. I believe myself and our team is best able to do that. Township growth is inevitable and smart growth and development can benefit communities tremendously but I don’t know a single Parsippany resident that is happy about the excessive and intrusive residential growth taking place in our community.  My experience understanding how development and growth impact our school district and our quality of life and being a fiscal conservative, best position me to be able to make smart and practical decisions about what Parsippany needs and wants. Let’s move forward in a smart, organized, streamlined manner for the benefit of our entire community and I believe Jamie Barberio, Frank Neglia and I have the experience and ability to get that done.

  1. What qualities and platform positions set you apart from your opponents?

I’m always going to make decisions based on what is best for Parsippany first. I have the unique ability to approach a situation with a variety of perspectives and will easily share these unique and creative ideas so we can all explore different options to come up with reasonable, beneficial, and responsive problem-solving or needed actions. I also recognize the value of information and data which ensures my decision-making process is sound and fair but never without a heart because I value Parsippany and all of our community members and what they bring to the table to make our town great.

  1. The Township Council has an important role in acting as a check on the executive branch, how would you continue to ensure proper governance in your role as a Councilmember and prevent executive overreach?

I serve on behalf of the residents of Parsippany with great honor and a strong sense of responsibility to ensure that the best interests of our Town are always the first priority. Fostering teamwork and the shared value of doing what’s best for Parsippany will be a guiding principle in my role as a Councilmember.

  1. As a Councilmember, how would you ensure that the financial position of the Township improves and what would you do to keep residential tax rates reasonable?

There is definitely a lot of work to be done towards improving the financial wellbeing of our Township and it will take some time but we are very cognizant of the need to have a conservative fiscal approach to get us back on track. We all have a great deal of experience working with large budgets and we will work tirelessly to do what we can to turn things back around for Parsippany.

  1. Recently, a disagreement between the bipartisan Township Council and the current administration on a proposed $5M bond to balance the budget has been made public. Where do you stand on using bonds to balance the budget and how would you vote on this proposal with current information made to the public?

My goal will be to never borrow to balance any budget but as we’ve learned in life, never say never, especially if I haven’t walked in your shoes. This has been an extraordinary year and I think our Town Council members have done a good job under very difficult circumstances with the lack of a budget from our current Mayor. Their decision to table the $5million bond was 100% appropriate since they were not given near enough information to even begin to consider such a request.

  1. Since 2018, the Township Council has become a legislative chamber where respect between members is encouraged regardless of party affiliation or political position. How will you continue to contribute to this positive atmosphere and assure that this continues?

My running mate Frank Neglia and I will be completely at home operating as a team or legislative chamber for the benefit of our Township regardless of party affiliation since that is how the Board of Education has always functioned. I am most comfortable and find most governing bodies are most productive when they share a respect for each other and the common goal of making decisions to benefit our community.

  1. Do you believe the Township Council should take an expanded role in engaging Town Hall on behalf of residents and advocating for their concerns? Would you support office hours during the week for Council members to meet with residents and address their concerns? Specifically, address poor follow-up by the Township in relation to constituency services.

We have a structure of governance in Parsippany that does not provide for this. We currently do have the opportunity to hear from our community members directly at Council meetings as a full body. I would be interested to hear additional information regarding the topic at some point.

  1. Tell us about your work experience and how it will assist you in being a member of the Township Council in Parsippany.

I have an NJ Property & Casualty License and have worked in the Insurance industry, specializing in commercial insurance for the last 16 years. My professional experience helping clients understand and manage their business risks while balancing their fiscal needs serves me very well when transitioning these skills to community service and while on the Board of Education and will be of great benefit in my role as a Town Council member.

  1. There are five candidates running for the two available council seats.  What sets you apart from the other candidates and why should Republican voters support you on June 8?

First please know that I will always do what is best for Parsippany in my decision-making; always doing my best to do the right things for the right reasons. I feel strongly that what sets me apart is my continuous service to the community over the last 35 years and with that comes experiences not gained by simply living in a neighborhood. What sets me apart is my dedication and quiet work helping to make our Town the best it can be. Parsippany is more than just a town that we all live in; it is a community that I care about, where I’ve chosen to raise my children, and where I plan to be for the rest of my life as well. I’m hoping my fellow Republicans will entrust me with the opportunity to serve on our Town Council and continue to work to help make Parsippany the best it can be.

Thank you for your time to read my responses here and I hope I’ve earned your vote.

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Focus contributor
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