Republican Council Candidate: Paul Carifi, Jr.

Council President Paul Carifi, Jr.
Council President Paul Carifi, Jr.

Full Name:  Paul Carifi Jr.

Office Seeking: Parsippany Troy-Hills Town Council

Party lines: Republican

Campaign website:

What community do you live in? Sedgefield

How long have you lived there? 15 Years;  40 in Parsippany all together

How old are you? 49

Provide family information: Single, Twin 8 year old Boys

What is your education background? BA in Sociology / Criminal Justice from East Stroudsburg University

Why do you think you are qualified for this position? Currently the Council President. I feel I have worked very hard for the quality of life for our residents. I have an understanding of budgets and I have proven that I know how to eliminate wasteful spending.

Why are you running for this elected office? I have lived in Parsippany most of my life. I grew up here. I want to continue to do what is right for the residents of Parsippany.

What are the three issues that most concern you? The quality of life for our residents, taxes, and our town being more Transparent. Our residents deserve to know where their money is being spent. This is an on going issue I have had with our current administration since I became a councilman.

Explain your proposed approach to managing these issues. I will continue to scrutinize every dollar spent and look for ways to save out tax payer’s money. I proposed over 1.2 million dollars in budget cuts this last year alone which were approved and those cuts did not affect a single service to our township residents. I will continue to look for ways to generate revenue for our town which will in turn lower our taxes. I will continue to fight to make our township government transparent to all of our residents.

Have you held elected office before? I have been a councilman since September of 2010. I am currently the Council President.

What organizations do you belong to? Parishioner at St. Christopher’s Church, Sons of Italy