Roy’s Corner: Township already owns too many homes

On Tuesday, June 9, 2015 the Parsippany Troy-Hills Council, under the Administrations recommendation, voted unanimously to purchase property for $775,000.    This property, located at 805 South Beverwyck Road contains 3.45 acres and includes a house and a few other stuctures.  With this purchase the township will own five homes (2 homes at Watnong Garden, 1 at the Sheep Farm, and the Baldwin House).

Homes require a great amount of up keep, operating expenses, and management, thus, decreasing our open space tax money for raw land that provides outdoor activity, water collection, and development buffers.

My opinion is that the township should not purchase this property. The Township must also lower our open space tax. Please contact your elected officials with your opinion.

*Roy’s opinions are his own and are not endorsed by those of Parsippany Focus