Free Comic Book Day was held at Funnybooks


PARSIPPANY — Free Comic Book Day was back at Funnybooks, this past Saturday, May 2. The annual comic book celebration, now in its 15th year at Comic Book Shops across the world, and once again, Funnybooks Comics & Stuff in Lake Hiawatha was the local hot spot for this year’s free comics.

Both Marvel and DC are in the process of “re-launching” their superhero universes this summer, and Free Comic Book Day gave both publishers a chance to give fans a look at what they’re up to. Marvel Comics offered the free Secret Wars #0, which threatens the destruction of the Marvel Universe, while rival DC Comics gave readers a glimpse of the new Batman costume with their Free Divergence title.

This year’s Pop Culture choices included comics featuring “Doctor Who” “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” “Transformers,” “Bob’s Burgers,” “Attack On Titan,” and even “Fight Club,” while the all-ages choices include: “Spongebob,” “The Simpsons,” “Sonic The Hedgehog,” “Avatar The Last Airbender,” “Teen Titans Go” and “Pokemon.”

Funnybooks Comics & Stuff, which will celebrate 23 years in June, is located at 98 North Beverwyck Road in Lake Hiawatha.

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