Parsippany Resident, the Most Popular Mechanical Engineering Professor

Dr. Trivikrama Reddy

PARSIPPANY — Dr. Trivikrama Bhanoji Pala Reddy, an Adjunct Professor at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Mechanical Engineering Department at NJIT, was named the Most Popular Mechanical Engineering professor in the United States according to

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Dr. Trivikrama Reddy teaches Machine Design, Stress Analysis, Mechanical system Design, and various other Mechanical Engineering courses at NJIT.

He is a top and highly rated professor from NJIT on his ranking on Rate My Professor. (Click here)

In addition to teaching, Dr. Trivikrama Reddy is a Senior Staff Engineer in Research and Development Department working for Becton Dickinson Company, Franklin Lakes. He designs and develops various drug-delivery medical devices at BD. He holds several patents for his designs and several MedTech publications.

Dr. Trivikrama Reddy also participates in various social services through NATA, A Non-Profit Cultural organization serving the Telugu community in the US and Canada as Standing committee chair. (Click here to view)