Letter to the Editor: Repeal the PLA

parsippany focus

parsippany focusDear Editor:

My name is Sam Labkovsky, and  I am a more than 22-year Parsippany resident, and I have been keeping up to date on the debate and discourse about the Mayor and Council’s mandated PLA that will likely raise our taxes. I, too, signed and encourage every single resident to sign Councilman Musella’s petition to repeal the PLA (www.repealthepla.com).

The process by which the PLA was passed was highly charged, orchestrated, and packed with an out-of-town special interest group. None of this will be forgotten. Taxpayers will remember what you did to us when you start running for re-election. This June, in particular, is when those who voted for this will answer to us, the voters.

I feel that every year, our taxes grow and grow. Nearly two years ago, this town increased our water bill by nearly 40%. The town management promised to do something with water quality, but there is no proof. For me, the water is still not drinkable, and we continue to buy water bottles for cooking and drinking. Retiring and living in Parsippany on a fixed income is already difficult. Why would you make every project 30% more expensive with the PLA?

I think the current Parsippany elected officials want to squash the opinion of residents when you don’t act in the public’s best interest. But you can only get away with it for so long because residents will not buy your empty promises of lowering taxes when you run for re-election. We will remember how you did us wrong by shoving this PLA mandate down our throats — especially when we get our future tax bills with all the increases and no quality of life to show for it.

Sam Labkovsky