Letter to the Editor: Congratulations to Councilman Musella

parsippany focus

parsippany focusDear Editor:

Congratulations to Councilman Justin Musella for being recognized as a worthy recipient of the Local Official of the Year award! It is well earned after Musella stood apart from the rest of the town council and voted against new law demanding that Union-sponsored PLAs be a required part of any new construction project over $5mm.

He stood alone, in the face of the rest of our Town Council members and Mayor against poor logic and the full force of the Union representatives which, at each meeting, numbered in the hundreds. Many citizens of Parsippany were intimidated by the large and often aggressive Union representation, but Musella stood strong and civil. I am proud of his fortitude and character! We deserve more like Justin Musella in my opinion!

Hank Heller