Rainbow Lakes Fire Department Announces 2022 Officers

Rainbow Lakes Fire Department

PARSIPPANY  — Rainbow Lakes Volunteer Fire Company (RLVFC) would like to thank Joe Reeber, Sr., and Doug Reighard for serving as Chief and Deputy Chief respectfully this past year.

Doug served our community in fire company leadership roles for seven years, five as Chief and two as Deputy Chief. Doug got involved right after moving into our community.

Joe who grew up in the Rainbow Lakes Community has held many fire officer positions and has served as our Chief for a second time and held leadership roles in the Parsippany Joint Chiefs.

Under their leadership RLVFC obtained praise and respect from neighboring fire companies, residents, earned numerous awards at local fairs and competitions, and attracted new members. Both promised to remain active as firefighters.

For the 2022 calendar year the following people will serve as officers:
Chief – Russell Greuter
Captain – Jeff Pikor and Keith Lefferts
Lieutenant – Greg Robinson, Josh Lefferts, and Nolan Keena

The business officers:
President – Frank DeRienzo
Vice President – Jeff Pikor
Treasurer – George Appel
Secretary – Mark Rabson

Rainbow Lakes Volunteer Fire Company is located in Parsippany–Troy Hills and are located in Parsippany Fire District Two which is governed by an elected Board of Commissioners which includes Commissioners Donald Denise, James Murphy, George Appel, Chuck Iantosca, and Pete Deegan.

If you would like to help serve our community as a first responder please stop at the firehouse the first Friday evening of each month, most Monday evenings, or contact any member of the fire company.