CrossFit Clan Performance Center Holds “Operation Holiday”

Amil Shah during an intense workout during "Operation Holiday"

PARSIPPANY — CrossFit Clan Performance Center held “Operation Holiday” to raise money for Morris County Homeless Shelter. They raised over $1,500  to donate to “Operation Holiday.”

Intense workouts during Operation Holiday

CrossFit is a unique, functional fitness, strength, and conditioning training program designed to increase work capacity (getting more work done in less time) and create balanced fitness.  Workouts are constantly varied yet structured, performed at a high intensity (relative to your fitness level) with the goal to train/challenge you in all aspects of fitness.  Performance is evaluated and recorded creating measurable results.  CrossFit is universally scalable and modifiable for all ages and fitness levels.  Their program provides fitness that by design is broad, general, and inclusive.  It will develop and grow with you and will advance as you do, allowing you to continue to take your fitness to the next level.

CrossFit Clan Performance Center is located at 323 New Road, Parsippany

CrossFit Clan Performance Center’s objective is to increase your ability in ten components of fitness, Cardiovascular Endurance, Strength, Stamina, Agility, Flexibility, Balance, Power, Speed, Coordination, and Accuracy.  And they aim to have a lot of fun getting you there.

Amil Shah with Justin Musella
Owner Mike Magee with Justin Musella

CrossFit Clan Performance Center is located at 323 New Road, Parsippany. For more information click here.

This was a family event. Mommy and daughter watching daddies progess